Polson cross-country runners shine in Highlander; Normandeau excels in Kalispell

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The Polson High School girls cross-country team had two top-ten finishers in the Highlander Invitational Saturday at Spokane High School.

Lady Pirates’ runners Bea Frissell and Molly Sitter both finished in the top-ten, in what Lady Pirates’ cross country coach Matt Seeley refers to as one of the most competitive races of the season, outside of the MHSA Class A state cross country meet.

Frissell continues to raise her collegiate stock by clocking in at 15 minutes, 13 seconds.

Sitter wasn’t far behind by finishing sixth recording a time of 17 minutes, 23.20 seconds.

Other runners that posted significant improvements from their time in 2016 included Gwen Seeley, who finished with a mark of 18 minutes, 18 seconds, Halle Heniger finished with a time of 19 minutes, 30 seconds, River Shoemake had a time of 19 minutes, 30 seconds.96 seconds, Julia Reinerz finished with a time of 21 minutes, 4 seconds and Elisabeth Bjorge clocked in with a time of 24 minutes, 14 seconds.

As a team, the girls finished sixth in points out of 34 total teams.

Stewart has a top-20 finish at Highlander Invite

Polson High School runner Quin Stewart finished in the top 20 at the Highlander Invite.

Stewart was the only Pirate cross country runner that finished in the top 20.

Stewart finished with a time of 14 minutes, 16.88 seconds. Other runners for Polson included Jonah DuCharme, who finished with a time of 18 minutes, 58 seconds, Aubrey Frissell, recorded a time of 16 minutes, 26 seconds, and Makualy Morrison finished with a time of 16 minutes, 44 seconds. Junior boys times included Kasen Heninger, who finished with a time of 15 minutes, 26 seconds, Jarod Calley had a time of 15 minutes, 26.57 seconds, Andrew Reed finished with a time of 15 minutes, 49 seconds and sophomore boy Mason Sloan finished with a time of 14 minutes, 15 seconds.

Normandeau finishes in the top 20 at Rebecca Farms

Ronan High School runner James Normandeau placed 15th Saturday at Rebecca Farms.

Normandeau finished the race recording a time of 17 minutes, 47.07 seconds.

Normandeau looks to be in the hunt to earn all-state accolades if he continues this pace throughout the rest of the season.

The following are cross country results for the rest of the Mission Valley teams:

2018 Flathead Invitational

Rebecca Farm

Kalispell, MT

Friday, Sept. 7

Team Totals


Missoula Sentinel 32, Glacier 52, Eureka 54, Flathead 114, Edmonton 181, Missoula Loyola 200, Columbia Falls 212, Corvallis 221, Hamilton 265, Ronan 265, Whitefish 314, Browning 326, Libby 348, Stevensville 426; No team scoring (<5) – Bigfork, Darby, North Toole County (Sunburst), Thompson Falls, St. Ignatius, Charlo, Powell County, Mission-Ronan


1, Ben Perrin, Flathead, 15:51.09; 15, James Normandeau, Ronan, 17:47.07; 27 Wills Degrandpre Charlo 18:32.57

Team scoring

RONAN – 15, James Normandeau, 17:47.07; 5jv, Austin Webster, (Ronan MS) 18:24.70; 30, Brant Heiner, 18:46.45; 11jv, Isaiah Nasewytewa, 19:07.85; 38, Michael Irvine 19:09.22; 57, Zarec Couture, 20:12.39; 74, Christian Silgen, 21:32.87; 78, Michael Koehler, 21:44.53; 5ms, Zoran Lafromboise, 9:40.5 (2500m).

MISSION ST. IGNATIUS – 63, Aidyn Rosenbaum, 20:31.71; 6ms, Andrew Rush, 9:44.4 (2500m).

CHARLO – 27, Wills Degrandpre, 18:32.57; 72, Connor Koenig, 21:23.04; 158jv, Nate Delaney, 28:26.46.

ARLEE – 69, Billy Fisher, 20:55.38; 82, Jason Miller, 22:53.35; 89, RJ Knoll, 24:21.06; 90, Isaac Fisher, 24:24.68; 98, Devin Cordier, 28:20.14.

TWO EAGLE RIVER – 92, Travis Pierre, 25:05.01; 100, Elias Adams, 38:42.37.

POLSON (ms) – 4ms, Drifter Skillicorn, 9:38.1 (2500m).


Team Totals

Flathead 28, Missoula Sentinel 58, Whitefish 60, Corvallis 104, Columbia Falls 138, Hamilton 160, Centerville 210, Browning 237, 9, Ronan 244, Cut Bank 247; No team scoring (<5) – Bigfork, Darby, Glacier, Seeley-Swan,Thompson Falls, St. Ignatius, Stevensville, Heart Butte, Two Eagle River

Top individuals

1, Tori Noland-Gillespie, Flathead, 20:10.69; 2, Anya Young, Bigfork, 20:29.83 (5000m).

Team scoring

RONAN – 36, Lindsey Brooks, 23:33.50; 54, Kaona Trahan, 25:39.17; 65, Kinsely Barney, 27:47.07; 72, Lanissa Mahkuk, 28:48.76; 85, Megan Griffin, 35:23.21.

MISSION ST. IGNATIUS – 38, Karolyna Buck, 23:49.86; 62, Yvonne Baty, 26:59.56.; 4ms, Cedar Hunt, 10:14.9(2500m).

CHARLO (jv) – 23jv, Aryal Love, 24:57.15; 65jv, Guinevere Contreras, 27:50.08

ARLEE (jv) – 103jv, Elaina Wall, 37:21.23; Melaia Matt; Ashley Potts; Frankie Wright.

TWO EAGLE RIVER – 69, Patience After Buffalo-Adams, 28:30.15; 86, Viviana After Buffalo-Adams, 37:11.15.

POLSON (ms=2500m) – 14ms, Karli Owens, 10:49.9; 20ms, Baylee Lemm, 11:10.4; 29ms, Autumn Skillicorn, 11:43.8; 34ms, Isabel Seeley, 12:09.8.

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