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It wasn't long after beginning my career with a major Wall Street firm 45 years ago that I recognized the agenda they, and the other firms I later represented, had.

The fact is that no one person or firm knows where markets are going.

So it is that I developed my service to guide myself and investors through all the hoopla and "noise" that we are all inundated with daily on television, from Wall Street, on the internet and in the news print.

My analysis is simple and straight-forward and it can be applied to virtually all investment vehicles - stocks, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), commodities, currencies, etc.

The basis of The Investment Compass is the Point-and-Figure (PNF) chart:


125 Year-old Technology

One of the earliest users of PNF was Charles Dow of Dow Averages and the Wall Street Journal fame. It was over 125 years ago that he used the PNF charting system on the floor of the stock exchange and was known to draw them on the palm of his hand.

Today we can do the same thing with a smart phone in the palm of our hand!

The underlying premise of these charts is that they clearly and simply give us a pictorial representation of The Law of Supply and Demand. Where is there supply (resistance) and where is there demand (support)?

Are there more buyers than sellers, or is the reverse the case, more sellers than buyers?

That's all that needs to be determined - it's as simple as that!

Yes, I know that there are folks who believe that fundamental information (earnings, what the FED is doing, where interest rates are, etc.) is the only information investors need to make an investment decision.

I strongly disagree.

As stated above, the only important event is what is taking place on a minute-to-minute, day-to-day basis between the buyer and the seller.

Which is prevailing-the buyers or the sellers?

Airplane pilots, ship captains and savvy travelers all consult a GPS system, a map or chart, the weather and their engine, among other things. So why is it investors are so quick to jump into an investment, with both feet, without a plan?

Master Your Investments.

The Investment Compass, is intended to be that initial, simple, yet crucial, step investors should consult prior to making any investment decision.

Don't Invest Without It.

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