Vote for Experience

| April 30, 2020 1:00 AM

The citizens of Lake County are facing an upcoming election that is of the utmost importance both local, statewide, and for the nation. On the local scene the office for Lake County Commissioner is one of the most local importance. There are two candidates that are vying for the office. He is a Montana native, very energetic, an experienced leader, and has been a commissioner for twelve years, that person is Commissioner Bill Barron. Commissioner Barron has the vast experience to continue to take this county forward amidst the maze of financial shortfalls, with the decline of taxable property in Lake County, and with the political scene in the state and nation, we need a person that works for all citizens, not just special interest groups.

The three commissioners that we have now all work well together and for one common goal. That is for the citizens of Lake County and this group needs to continue their work. The job of commissioner in Lake County is not an 8 to 5, Monday thru Friday type job. Bill Barron and the other two commissioners are always there to see you in person or by phone if they are not in meetings. Bill attends meetings at night and sometimes on a weekend. I know this as I have the honor of serving on several county boards that have met at night and on a weekend. Bill has been in attendance, and willing to advise if needed or requested.

You may not always agree with the decisions and answers that you receive from the office of County Commissioner, but Bill is approachable to discuss the issues with you.

Your VOTE for Commissioner BILL BARRON is a vote that you and all citizens will see benefits of, in the future. RE-ELECT BILL BARRON FOR COMMISSIONER LAKE COUNTY

—Fred Nelson, Polson