Support for Browning for state House

| August 19, 2020 4:14 PM

I am encouraged to see Gerry Browning running for the state legislature to represent Polson and Lake County. It will be refreshing to have an honest hard-working citizen without an agenda of political issues working for key issues such as health care, taking care of our Medicare coverage, public lands, and of course a huge supporter of public education.

Coming from the nursing profession, Gerry has a perspective on health and wellness that many of us do not have. Medicare expansion will be an important item to be legislated this coming term and who better than Gerry to express the real-life concerns of especially the aging citizens of our state.

Being lucky enough to live where we do makes it necessary that we have folks in government that realize the environmental threats to our lands and resources. I am confident that she will be able to work well with the tribe in this area as well.

As a retired educator, I had the opportunity to interact with Gerry as her children moved through the Polson schools.

She was a great example for parents of students as she was very involved in her children’s education and extra-curricular activities. Especially in these times of uncertainty, it is important to have a person with her passion for education pushing legislation that will support the changes that will be necessary to help schools be effective learning centers.

Most of all, I have been a witness to Gerry’s moral character, and I am confident that she will promote the values that we want to sustain the generations that follow us.

Gerry has my complete support, and I hope that many of you will realize the value of having true representative of our community battle for us in Helena. Please join me in voting Gerry into the Montana House of Representatives this November.

—Bob Owen, Polson