Writer supports Trump re-election bid

| August 19, 2020 4:14 PM

Factories home and humming, U. S. borders secure,

Trade deals. Promises made, promises kept.

In a rage, Nancy tore the page.

Russian Hoax -- didn’t fly.

Next “Impeach the man.” --Why?

A virus arrived from off shore.

Health experts advised: close Ports, offices, schools and more.

Funds from the Feds. Mayors and Govs. in charge.

Attempts to safely get America back to work.

Then from Democrat led cities - ANTIFA at large.

Statues toppled, burning, looting, bullets, Police protection denied,

Our flag left in dirt.

Even children died.

“Blame Trump” was the call

But the man stands on his feet.

He has fought all.

TRUMP - A tough one to beat.

—Agnes F. Rinehart, Polson