Letters to the editor Aug. 27

| August 27, 2020 12:00 AM

Be like a surgeon

You won’t mind if your surgeon doesn’t wear a mask during your surgery, right? Your surgeon has personal rights and doesn’t want them infringed. Your surgeon doesn’t feel sick so it should be OK.

Whoa! What? Surgeons must wear masks!

Let’s think about that. A surgeon wears a mask primarily to protect the patient, to prevent microbes from the surgeon’s nose or mouth from going onto, and into, the patient. To be blunt, to prevent the surgeon from accidentally sneezing, talking or coughing respiratory droplets into the patient. The patient is vulnerable because he or she is open (literally) to taking in dangerous microbes during a surgery.

That’s how Covid-19 is, too. Covid-19 gains access to our bodies most readily through our mouths and noses. We, like surgical patients, are vulnerable to having harmful microbes enter our bodies, not through an open surgical incision, but though our respiratory tract when we’re around people who have Covid-19 at the grocery store, family picnic, church, party, etc. The people around us are like the surgeon who has access to our insides, and if they unknowingly have Coronavirus, then they can pass it into us. It goes into our lungs where it can become a mild, a serious, or a deadly infection.

I doubt anyone willingly tries to infect others. But that’s the insidiousness of Covid-19, you can have it and be contagious to others for over a week before you have any clue that you have it. You can meet up with a lot of people during that time! A mask helps prevent you from spreading respiratory mini-drops with virus into the air, thus protecting others if you have Covid-19 and don’t know it yet. A mask also helps protect yourself. Please wear a mask. Be like your surgeon.

­—Stephanie Brancat, Big Arm

Browning for HD12

Times are tough right now in so many ways, and that’s why it’s important that we elect the best people to represent us. I’m supporting Gerry Browning for the Montana House District 12 because she’s one of those leaders who will make the best decisions for Montanans. I was born and raised in Polson, and I want what’s best for my family and the whole community.

Gerry Browning was a small business owner on Polson’s Main Street, so she knows how important it is to grow our local economy, and how to support the businesses that are at the heart of our small towns.

Even more, Gerry also brings the background of a former nurse. She supported Medicaid expansion that makes health care more affordable and helps keep our rural hospitals open.

Gerry Browning supports the kind of Montana that I want my two grandsons to inherit. I want them – and all kids in our state – to have good public schools and to be able to enjoy the outdoors with family in our state’s beautiful public lands.

—Kathleen Farmer, Polson

Vote for Browning

Here are a few things for you to consider before you cast your vote in Montana House District 12.

I have had the opportunity to get to know one of the candidates for House District 12, while volunteering on a Habitat Build and I know she has many strengths that might serve your positions and concerns.

Gerry has terrific communication skills and is willing to discuss issues, but more importantly she is great at listening to others’ opinions and views and considering all people’s input when she votes. Gerry has the mindset that allows her to discuss and learn from those that have differing opinions, while being civil and courteous.

As an entrepreneur, Gerry has experience in running businesses, budgeting, and cash flow management, problem solving, and seeking consensus on difficult issues. Gerry does not intend to represent her party, while a member of our legislature, but solely the citizens of Lake County.

Gerry understands she is running for an office that asks her to represent her constituent’s views, not enforce party platforms. If you want a moderate, who votes on the issues and how it affects the people in District 12, vote for Gerry Browning!

—Michael Rodrique, Polson

Voting is important

We as citizens of this great country deserve a real leader in the White House. More than 170,000 fellow Americans have died, due to Covid-19 as a direct result of a complete lack of a comprehensive plan as prescribed by medical experts.

Don't you think we as responsible citizens should have representation that strives to save lives 24/7?

But weekend golf trips seem to take priority over American lives. Are you puzzled by this action?

You have the power to rectify this situation and help lead the US on the road to healing.

It takes 270 - Electoral College Votes to redirect the path for America. Forging a rich collage of cultures, religions and genders, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will lead us to: Building Back Better.

Voting is important!

—J. Lee Cook, Polson

Pavlock for HD93

I support Lisa Pavlock, for House District 93. She and her family are rooted in Montana. I have been acquainted with her for several years and trust she will be a strong advocate for families, schools and businesses. Her values are a reason she and her family are productive and creative. While some rely on stating how many generations they have lived here, Lisa is open to innovative possibilities and will support all who live in Lake County. I have high regard for her integrity and ability to serve in this capacity. She has empathy and consideration for the needs of others and will listen.

I hike and camp and trust Lisa to be a strong advocate for public lands access, to keep our public lands in public hands! She understands the value this adds to our lives and economy.

Lisa is an experienced educator and supports other educators to uphold education. She will strive to ensure that ALL children have access to a quality education by supporting Public Schools or other options for children to develop skills and strive toward fulfilling life goals.

Health care is vital to our lives, urgent during COVID-19, and important for our economy. Lisa supports Medicaid expansion or other realistic public options for relief of catastrophic, ongoing and preventive health care. Healthy Montanans, hospitals and open clinics enhance our economy so businesses can stay open and our lives can expand. She will be a strong force in the legislature for health care and business.

Affordable housing and climate change intertwine with business and economic success. Lisa will research and support options for affordable housing. She believes it takes a community working together to mitigate climate change by shifting to renewable energies and methods. She will reach out to bring us together.

Vote for Lisa Pavlock.

—Eileen Hostetler, St. Ignatius

Kindness abounds

Uncertainty is floating through our lives these days like wisps of wildfire smoke. Work, school, church, sports, gatherings--all are veiled with doubt or even suspicion.

But be of good courage. Many good constants fill our lives as well. Kindness and helpfulness abound if you know where to look.

The Polson Loaves and Fish food pantry, and every other food pantry I know, is dedicated and determined to provide for the needs of folks in our area, carefully and thoughtfully, with a healing dose of smiles under our masks and sanitized hands handling the items we give out.

Thank you all for your constant support and generosity by which we can demonstrate the certainty that we will, together, come successfully through this uncertain time.

—Linda Kittle, Polson