Saturday, April 17, 2021

Letters to the Editor: 20 years is too long

| December 24, 2020 12:15 AM

I’m not too up to date on the proposed new (resort) tax. It may be a very good program. However, if I am to vote yes the tax has to expire in five or seven years.

Things change and even criminals with 20-year sentences can come up for parole before 20 years.

If it is still good, fine.If not, let us tweak it to adjust to what is here in 2028.

Peter Daniels, Polson

Holien will be missed

I was very lucky. I was a friend of Mick Holien. He passed away Nov. 27. I was not ready. Rewind three years to 2017, about a year into his multiple sclerosis diagnosis and retirement (neither his choice). He was still getting around pretty good, enjoying life up here in the land off the right end of the radio dial. Dick and Carl were Mick’s ever-available helpers and friends, always including him in the fun. Dick loved introducing him as “the Voice of the Griz!” Mick would always get mad at him for it but he always kept it up anyway because we all were so tickled to be hanging out with him. What a wit. After a change in local rules Mick and I managed to stay in touch anyway. It meant a lot to me. Last fall I reached out to Mick about a mutual friend. Mick really helped me. I am forever grateful to him for the insight I got into the juggling act of living alone with a debilitating disease, and how comforting the presence of a friend in need can be. I stuck with Mick on his journey for the last year, and it has been one of the greatest gifts I have been blessed with. Mick lived courageously and never stopped preparing for a better future regardless of the odds. He was in pain a lot but he never dwelled on it. Mick has inspired me to never give up and to always keep doing my best. His legacy in the valley will live on through the Boys and Girls Clubs and in the countless other positive ways he has touched our lives. You will be greatly missed, Mick. Thank you for Kobe. See you in heaven.

Debbie Jakovac, Polson