We are all human beings

| July 16, 2020 11:30 AM

This past weekend was crazy in Polson. You had the Trump parade along with the Black Lives Matter and missing indigenous women march that followed.

Well there was a woman in the Trump parade wearing a fake war bonnet and calling it a costume. She was yelling at Native American kids in that march, telling them to go missing or go get murdered. Another man was finger shooting everyone, including kids. And they think this is OK?

As the election nears will we see more people like this? We are suppose to be united here in the USA, but it seems like we are being divided. The civil war happened years ago. Racism should of ended there, but here we are, year 2020, and there is still racism in this world. There is so much to put your energy into instead of hating on fellow Americans because of their race. No matter what we are all human beings. We should be helping each other not wishing death upon innocent kids. Show some class.

—Frank Old Horn, Pablo