Neighborhood challenges others to show support for local law enforcement

by Carolyn Hidy
Lake County Leader | July 27, 2020 10:38 AM

Joe Stark of Polson wanted to do something big to show his appreciation for local law enforcement. He got his neighbors involved.

“With the virus going on, in a lot of neighborhoods, they don’t go anywhere, they can’t do anything with their kids. We thought this was a way for our little community to do something together,” said Stark. “There wasn’t any close contact. We could talk on the phone, people could make signs at home, but it was great how they came together.

“They put up their flags or decorated them a little bit more.”

Joyce Norman designed and made the signs in her home art studio, and Stark attached stakes and helped distribute them.

They put up a notice at the mailboxes.

“It didn’t take long for almost everybody to sign up,” Stark said.

Joyce expressed sympathy for the first responders and law enforcement who are highly vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

“We want to challenge the other little neighborhoods across Montana to come together, maintain their distance, and show some support for our law enforcement,” said Stark. “I think they do a great job around here for us.”