Wake up America

| July 27, 2020 10:37 AM

A great big thank you to U.S. Veteran Dr. Rashid Buttar M.D. and Dr. Pam Popper Naturopath for expertly and courageously making it clear that the current SARS -2/CoVid-19 pandemic scare is truly a spiritual battle that must be confronted.

As Americans, we embrace being free agents, under God. Masks, quarantine, social distancing, more stimulus funding, what’s next, civil war?

We are creative beings and we should be honored with the truth. The truth is to embrace love in your heart! I too reject the narrative that the FDA, WHO and NIS have any remaining credibility. I too reject the sincerity of these agencies in truly combating the current SARS-2/CoVid-19 pandemic when recent actions show they criminalize healing alternatives in support of everything vaccine.

I too reject being a guinea pig to receive alleged, planned mandatory inoculations.

Wake up America. Arm yourself with prayer, love and knowledge! Fear not.

A simple internet search for Dr. Rashid Buttar and Dr. Pam Popper will empower most everybody toward commonsense, the best antidote away from nonsense!

—David Passieri, St. Ignatius