Mobs destroying history

| July 30, 2020 8:59 AM

Judge Robert Bork stated: “power alone is not sufficient to produce legitimate authority.” That dictum certainly applies to the powerful anarchist mobs created by Black Lives Matter Marxism to desecrate and destroy statues of historic figures and national monuments with their perceived crime of racism, without legitimate authority to do so.

These monuments are public property and many are significant works of art. Destroying them is criminal activity. The feckless Democrats leading the cities are allowing the mob to bully them and should, but are not, enforcing law and order. If a statue is offensive, it should only be removed by statute or public affirmation.

When protesters burn the American flag and tear down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ulysses Grant, it is not just about racism, but reflects an ignorant disdain for the history, contributions and importance of these individuals and a disregard for our Constitutional Republic form of government. The United States has provided more freedom, liberty, inclusiveness and opportunity than any other country. How could a country that elected a Black man as its president twice be considered “systemically racist”? There is no basis for this term.

It is time for patriotic Americans who recognize the true benefits of our country to all its citizens to send a message to the socialist, anarchist mobs trying to destroy our history: NO MORE!

—Larry Ashcraft, Polson