Mariners champions at Libby Big Bucks tourney

by Whitney England
Daily Inter Lake | June 25, 2020 12:39 PM

The Mission Valley Mariners A team went 4-0 on the weekend to become the 2020 champions at the Big Bucks tournament in Libby June 19-21.

These wins combined with a win over the Glacier Twins earlier in the week put the Mariners on a 5-0 winning streak. Mariners head coach Brad Fisher was pleased with his players performance and expressed that getting a series of games under their belt helped his team get on a roll.

Mission Valley’s Keyan Dalbey was awarded the Boyd Nelson Memorial MVP bat for his play over the weekend. Keyan hit .418 average over the four games, drove in eight runs, and had a two-run double in the chipper to secure a game victory.

“He played pretty well... he had some big hits in situations to knock in some runs for us,” Fisher said. “He hit the ball hard all weekend and that was good to see because he needed that too, a little confidence boost for him.”

The Mariners opened the tournament facing a younger 16U team from Coeur d’Alene which they easy handled 18-5. Every player on the mariners recorded at least one run in the game. Alex Muzquiz and Espn Fisher led the team in hitting with three each including three RBI’s from Fisher.

“I’m really just happy that the hitting came around this weekend, we had some guys finally putting the bat on the ball,” Fisher said.

Next they took on the Moscow Blue Devils in a closely matched game, winning 8-6. They moved on to play the Sandpoint Lakers who the Mariners blew out 12-0.

In their final game Mission Valley beat out the 17U Coeur d’Alene Lumbermen 8-1. The Mariners batted home five runs in the sixth inning to secure the victory.

Earlier this season the Mariners had lost several close games and Fisher was glad to see them finishing all the games this weekend strong.

“I told the kids that we were winning about five of our games up until about the last two innings, and then we ended up always doing something or rolling over and losing those,” Fisher explained. “They’re starting to finish games now so I told them I was pretty happy about taking advantage of the situation now that we didn’t do earlier in the season.”

The wins over the weekend helped improve the Mariners record to 6-8 on the season.

This week Mission Valley A and B teams host the Libby Loggers on Thursday and Friday, both games beginning at 5 p.m.

MVA Mariners 8, CDA A Lums 1

Mariners (6-8), CDA A Lums (8-6-1)

Couer d’Alene 010 000 0 – 1 2 5

Mission Valley 001 115 x – 8 6 2

Xavier Fisher (3K,1W), (4) Eric Dolence (6K,1W), (7) Ethan McCauley and Espn Fisher. Ryan Schneider, (3) Owen Benson and Cal Carrol.

CDA 17U A LUMBERMEN – Parker Rimpau 1-3, Kolby Cleave 1-3.

MISSION VALLEY A MARINERS – Alex Muzquiz 0-4, X.Fisher 0-2, Eric Dolence 2-4, Keyan Dalbey 2-4, *Trevor Lake 1-3, *Dawson Dumont 1-3, *McCauley 2-3, E.Fisher 0-1, *Dylan Davis 1-3.

HR – Cleave. RBIs – Cleave; X.Fisher, Dolence 3, Dalbey 2, T.Lake. SF – T.Lake. BB – X.Fisher, Dumont, E.Fisher. HB – X.Fisher, E.Fisher. ROE – Dolence, E.Fisher, Davis 2. SB – Austin Taylor 2; Dolence, Dalbey. (Su21Jun20)

Asterisk (*) denotes stat variant(s) where alternate data exists: CDAGC - T.Lake 4ab, Dumont 0H(ROE), McCauley 1H(FC), Davis 0-2.

MVA Mariners 8, Blue Devils 6

M.Valley 016 100 0 – 8 9 2

Moscow 112 200 0 – 6 11 5

Alex Muzquiz (1K,1W), (4) Trevor Lake (2H,1W), (5) Ethan McCauley (2H) and Espn Fisher. Isaac Staskow, (3) Connor Akins (7K) and Chad Redinger.

MISSION VALLEY A MARINERS – Muzquiz 1-5, X.Fisher 1-5, Eric Dolence 2-4, Keyan Dalbey 0-3, Trevor Lake 0-2, Dawson Dumont 2-3, McCauley 1-3, E.Fisher 1-2, Davis 1-4.

MOSCOW BLUE DEVILS – Barrett Abendroth 2-4, Cam Vis 2-4

2B – Dolence, Dumont; Abendroth, Vis. RBIs – Muzquiz 2, X.Fisher, McCauley, E.Fisher, Davis. SF – McCauley; Cody Isakson. BB – Dolence, Dalbey 2, Dumont, E.Fisher 2. HB – T.Lake 2. ROE – Muzquiz, T.Lake, McCauley, Davis. SB – Dolence, *T.Lake. CS – Dolence. (Sa20Jun20gm10)

Asterisk (*) denotes stat variant(s) where alternate data exists: MBDGC - Dumont (3B)

MVA Mariners 12, NI Lakers 0

Sandpoint 000 000 0 – 0 2 2

M.Valley 633 000 0 – 12 14 0

Dylan Davis (6K,2W) and Espn Fisher. Aiden Ackerman, (3) Blake Sherill and Mike Riley.

NORTH IDAHO LAKERS – Avery Bocksch 1-2, Riley 1-2.

MISSION VALLEY A MARINERS – Alex Muzquiz 0-2, Xavier Fisher 1-3, Eric Dolence 0-2, Keyan Dalbey 3-4, Trevor Lake 1-2, Dawson Dumont 3-3, Ethan McCauley 2-3, E.Fisher 2-3, Davis 2-3.

HR – Dumont. 2B – Bocksch; Dalbey 2, Davis. RBIs – Dalbey 3, T.Lake 2, Dumont 3, McCauley 2, E.Fisher, Davis. SF – T.Lake. BB – Muzquiz 2, Dolence 2. HB – X.Fisher. ROE – Davis. FC – X.Fisher. SB – Muzquiz, X.Fisher, Dalbey, Dumont, T.Lake, (cr) Jesse Littleboy. CS – McCauley. (Sa20Jun20gm8)

MVA Mariners 18, CDA 16U Lums 5

MVA Mariners (3-8), Lums (4-8)

Mission Valley 500 238 – 18 16 1

Couer d’Alene 230 000 – 5 5 2*

Brock Henriksen (0H,5W), (2) Noah Schriver (1K,5H,2W), (6) Alex Muzquiz and Espn Fisher. Elliot Smart, (5) Kyle Schwarzer, (5) Joe DuCouer, (6) Aaron Gwaltney, (7) Nathan Brillhart and Joe DuCouer, (5) Jesse Brown.

MISSION VALLEY A MARINERS – Muzquiz 3-4, Xavier Fisher 2-3, Eric Dolence 2-4, Keyan Dalbey 1-3, Trevor Lake 1-4, Dawson Dumont 2-5, Ethan McCauley 0-4, E.Fisher 3-4, Dylan Davis 2-3.

CDA 16U LUMBERMEN – DuCouer 1-3, Smart 1-2, Colton Farrar 1-1, Eric Bumbaugh 1-2, Kannon Knight 1-3.

2B – Dumont, E.Fisher, X.Fisher, Muzquiz, Davis, Dolence, T.Lake; Smart. RBIs – E.Fisher 4, Dalbey 3, Dumont 2; Smar 2, Bumbaugh 2, Kyle Bridge. BB – Dalbey 2, Muzquiz, McCauley, Davis. HB – X.Fisher 2, Dolence, T.Lake; DuCouer. ROE – Dumont, Davis. FC – McCauley. SB – Dalbey 2, X.Fisher, Dolence; Knight.


Asterisk (*) denotes stat variant(s) where alternate data exists: CDA16UBBCGC - 6H; Davis 3H


Keyan Dalbey left, Kelly MacDonald, Julie MacDonald and Sandy Nelson. Keyan Dalby was awarded the Boyd Nelson Memorial MVP. Keyan hit .418 on the weekend, drove in 8 runs, and had a 2-run double in the chipper to put the game away. (Paul Sievers/The Western News)


The 2020 Boyd Nelson Memorial MVP bat went to right fielder Keyan Dalbey. (Paul Sievers/The Western News)


Winners of the 2020 Big Bucks Tournament, going 4-0 on the weekend. (Paul Sievers/The Western News)