Mission Mountain All-Star games cancelled

by Scott Shindledecker
Daily Inter Lake | March 19, 2020 10:01 AM

The 25th Annual Mission Mountain All-Star basketball games have been canceled.

They were scheduled for Thursday, March 26, at the Ronan Event Center, but concerns over the coronovirus led organizers to the decision.

Several Lake County standouts are on the rosters of both teams.

For the girls, Charlo had Carlee Fryberger, Destiny Manuel and Liev Smith selected. Ronan’s Madison Clairmont, Kieauna DeRoche, Regan Clairmont and Jaylea Lunceford were chosen.

Mission players selected included Azia Umphrey, Olivia Garland, Sydney Brander and Karolyna Buck.

Arlee had Halle Adams and Peyton Lammerding selected while Two Eagle River’s Sarah Stanger-Gardpipe was chosen.

For the boys, Polson had Gunner Grisak, Anton Lefthand, Ryker Wenderoth and Beau Kelley selected.

Arlee players chosen were Cody Tanner and Billy Fisher. For Ronan, Zarec Couture, Trey Don’t Mix and Saul Black Weasel were picked.

Charlo had Nate Clark and Phil Marquez picked

Mission had Zoran LaFrombois, Kolten Gardpipe, Jedi Christy and Isaiah Nasewytewa picked while Two Eagle River’s Anthony Charlo was selected.

Here are the players whom were selected for the game:


TEAM A (Light)

1. Cody Tanner (SR) Arlee

2. Colt Thorness (SR) Bigfork

3. Zarec Couture (JR) Ronan

4. Treydon Brouillette (SR) Plains

5. Gunner Grisak (SR) Polson

6. Anthony Charlo (SR) Two Eagle

7. Anton Lefthand (SR) Polson

8. Nate Clark (JR) Charlo

9. Jack McCallister (SOPH) Hot Springs

10. Zoran LaFrombois (FRESH) Mission

11. Kolten Gardipe (SR) Mission

12. Walker Fisher (JR) Bigfork


TEAM B (Dark)

1. Jedi Christy (SR) Mission

2. Billy Fisher (SR) Arlee

3. Kade Pardee (JR) Plains

4. Brandon Knudsen (SR) Hot Springs

5. Trey Don’t Mix (SR) Ronan

6. Ryker Wenderoth (SR) Polson

7. Beau Kelley (SR) Polson

8. Phil Marquez (JR) Charlo

9. Jake Weyers (SR) Plains

10. Isak Epperly (FRESH) Bigfork

11. Saul Black Weasel (SR) Ronan

12. Isaiah Nasewytewa (JR) Mission


TEAM A (Light-colored jerseys)

1. McKennzie Cannon (SR) Hot Springs

2. Carlee Fryberger (JR) Charlo

3. Ansleigh Edgerton (SR) Bigfork

4. Destiny Manuel (SR) Charlo

5. Azia Umphrey (SR) Mission

6. Katelyn Christensen (SOPH) Hot Springs

7. Ashton McNally (SR) Bigfork

8. Madison Clairmont (SR) Ronan

9. Halle Adams (JR) Arlee

10. Kieauna DeRoche (SR) Ronan

11. Kimmy Curry (FRESH) Plains

12. Olivia Garland (SR) Mission


TEAM B (Dark-colored jerseys)

1. Kylee Altmiller (SR) Plains

2. Sydney Brander (JR) Mission

3. Liev Smith (JR) Charlo

4. Regan Clairmont (SR) Ronan

5. Peyton Lammerding (SR) Arlee

6. Sydney Jackson (SR) Hot Springs

7. Karolyna Buck (SR) Mission

8. Jaylea Lunceford (JR) Ronan

9. Izzy Santistevan (SR) Bigfork

10. Sarah Stanger-Gardipe Two Eagle

11. Emma Barreth (SOPH) Bigfork

12. Mossy Kauley (JR) Polson

13. Sage Jackson (SR) Hot Springs (injured)