Fall Mack Days Week 5 Results

by Lake County Leader
| October 13, 2020 10:02 AM

Week 5 of 2020 Fall Mack Days is in the books with a total of 9,469 lake trout entries. One hundred twenty-two anglers out of 411 entrants have caught at least one or more lake trout.

Up to $200,000 in cash and prizes is available to participating anglers through Nov. 15.

Saturday was the second day of the bucket competition. Anglers put their four largest lake trout in a bucket and a weight is taken. Richard and Laurie Kreis won $200 Saturday with a 25.65-pound bucket of lake trout. Paul Soukup of Polson was second with 21.55 pounds, and Rick Skates of Big Arm was third with 20.6 pounds. The third and final day of buckets is Sunday November 8th.

Mike Benson of Lonepine leads the anglers with 583 entries, followed by Sam Cusker, Bigfork (437), Scott Bombard, Missoula (420), Larry Ashwell, Missoula (405), John Gauci, Florence (384), Kolton Turner, Kalispell (359), Terry Krogstad, Kalispell (357), Steve Benson, Spokane Valley, Wash. (323), Bob Turner, Kalispell (279) and Julie Perkins, Kalispell (278).

Top anglers are placed by their best 18 days out of the possible 30 for Friday to Sunday fishing. Anglers who place in the top 10 do not qualify to win the 70 and Over, Ladies, or Youth categories.

Julie Perkins is first in the ladies division with (278), followed by Laurie Kreis of Huson (195), Kim McMillie, Polson (52), Gina Schiff, Whitefish (50) and Debby Sacchi of Thompson Falls (39). Youth categories remain the same as the previous week.

“Little Fin,” the $10,000 tagged trout is still out there. He could be anywhere in Flathead Lake. There are also three $5,000 fish, five $1,000 fish and over 9,000 lake trout with values from $100 to $500. Ken Rickert of Thompson Falls turned in a $500 tagged lake trout during Week 5. Julie Perkins, Paul Soukup, and Al Riginato of Corvallis each turned in $200 tagged lake trout. Monte McPherson and Kenny Garrett turned in $100 tags.

Organizers remind everyone to practice social distancing when turning in fish. Stand back and take your turn. Wear a mask and keep 6 feet between you and the other anglers.

Check weather stations before going out. Be prepared and have a plan, and keep cell phones in a dry area or bag.

For more information about Mack Days visit www.mackdays.com or call (406) 270-3386.