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Letters: Pavlock the right choice for HD93

| October 21, 2020 2:57 PM

Pavlock the right choice for HD93

I am writing today to ask you to please join me in voting for Lisa Pavlock for House District 93.

Lisa is a compassionate and experienced educator in St. Ignatius. She is going to represent us in Helena by advocating strong support for our children’s public education, access to affordable health care for all Montanans, and keeping public lands in public hands. Lisa and her family are active members of our community, so I am confident that she will continue to listen to our concerns and fight for our needs.

Vote Pavlock for House District 93.

— Larry Hall, Ronan

Vote Republican

Gov. Bullock has revealed his true nature by plainly stating he favors packing the Supreme Court. Adding numerous seats and filling them with far-left radical activists to achieve a decadeslong majority would fundamentally break our system of checks and balances, transforming the court into a legislative body intent on executing the Democrats’ bitter and vindictive socialist/ANTIFA/BLM agenda.

Under such a court, kiss your Bill of Rights goodbye. The 2nd, then the 1st, then the rest. Your choices will be total submission or the gulag, no barriers to the transformation of the U.S. into a totalitarian state will remain.

Bullock’s embrace of this extremist tactic is a disqualifying act. It renders him unfit to represent Montana in the Senate and we must tell him so by re-electing Sen. Steve Daines. Our constitutional rights, our republic and our future depend upon it.

Big Tech’s ChiCom-style censorship of emerging news about the Biden family’s extensive corruption issues is just a taste of what will be should the Democrats take power. Defy them and you’ll be blocked, banned or otherwise unpersoned. Vote accordingly from the top to the bottom of your ballot.

— Ron McClellan, Polson

Browning will protect public land

We want to express our enthusiastic support for Gerry Browning’s candidacy for Montana House District 12. We are confident in her ability to bridge party lines to actively represent all of her constituents. Her longtime residence and proactive role in our community make her an outstanding candidate.

Gerry is a strong advocate for Montanans who value our public lands, which are an extremely valuable economic benefit to all Montanans. Past efforts by some in the Montana Legislature to sell off our public lands to corporate and wealthy private buyers with records of closing access have shown us that these special places need advocates. Gerry will be the advocate that we have not had in this area for a long time. These public lands need to stay in public hands.

Montana has both benefited and suffered from the impacts of natural resources development and management. Our economy has thrived from reasonable and well-planned utilization of forest, rangeland, water and mineral resources. However, the state is littered with abandoned energy development sites and wells where corporate exploiters have pulled their profits from and then walked away from, leaving Montanans to cover the cleanup costs. Many of these sites have polluted our waters, degraded local wildlife populations and their habitats and left ongoing health problems and deaths for our fellow Montanans. These abuses must stop, and corporate responsibility must be required.

Gerry will be a strong advocate for fighting against these abuses and holding these industry polluters accountable. She will also be a strong advocate for the development and enhancement of clean energy resources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric energy and the new jobs that will be generated.

In closing, we strongly encourage you to vote to elect Gerry Browning to the Montana House of Representatives in House District 12.

— Dale and Marilyn Becker, Polson

Browning values education

As an educator for over 40 years teaching at Polson Middle School and Salish Kootenai College, I want someone in the state Legislature who values education. We need someone who understands the complexity of our learning institutions and who values learning. Gerry Browning has been a valued member of the Polson School Board, has worked as a volunteer in the Polson schools, has earned a degree in nursing, and has three daughters who attended the Polson schools who have gone on to receive college degrees. Gerry states that we must continue to adequately fund K-12 public education. Our state constitution, Article X states: “equality of education opportunity is guaranteed to each person of the state.” Gerry shares my passion for education and learning.

— Charles Bertsch, Polson

Browning for HD12

Local elections matter. I have known Gerry Browning for many years, and am writing this letter in support of her for our local legislative seat, House District 12. Gerry believes in a quality K-12 education for everyone, because education is the basis for a healthy economy and provides the opportunity for all kids to grow into productive and confident adults. As a Polson School Board member for seven years, Gerry successfully negotiated employee contracts while staying in budget. Gerry is endorsed by the Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE) and has the public support of over 70 local teachers in addition to over 100 other supporters. All three of her daughters are products of our local schools, and even though she worked, Gerry always found time to volunteer in her children’s classrooms. I am a small business owner and former teacher, and I strongly agree with Gerry, making education a priority and protecting our great state and all of our people. Gerry Browning is the right candidate to represent us in Helena, a fiscally responsible, wise and dedicated leader. Many local elections are determined by just a handful of votes, so consider voting early to make sure your vote counts.

— Judy Preston, Polson