Browning is best for District 12

| September 4, 2020 10:25 AM

Gerry Browning is running for the office of Representative of House District 12 in the upcoming election. I got to know Gerry as a small business owner of Vine and Tap in Polson. Walking in the door, I often heard her peals of laughter and warm greetings.

Gerry has been involved in small business for 24 years locally; she understands the challenges of entrepreneurship of Main Street America. If elected, she would work on growing the local economy.

Some of Gerry's policy positions include guaranteeing funding for equal educational opportunities, holding industries accountable for environmental clean-up, and training coal workers for jobs in clean energy.

She supports keeping public lands public. Gerry would work to bring prescription drug costs down, making health care more affordable.

She supports lowering property taxes without eroding public school funding.

Check out Gerry's website ( Her experience has helped build her personal qualities of a problem-solver and good listener. She would reach across the aisle. Gerry has the skill sets and energy to do an outstanding job as representative. Don't miss the photo of Gerry with the Statue of Liberty in the background. Her sign reads, “I'm with her.”

— Nancy Teggeman, Polson