Letters to the Editor Sept. 17

| September 17, 2020 12:15 AM

Thanks to People's Center fire responders

The Division of Fire, along with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, would like to thank the area volunteer fire departments in their response to the People's Center fire the night of Sept. 6. Without their quick response the fire could have been much much worse. They saved some tradition and culture. Local area responders include: Ronan VFD, Polson City VFD, Polson Rural VFD, Finley Point VFD, Charlo VFD and Mission Valley Power.

It was Labor Day weekend and these first responders showed up and did what they could to minimize the damage to the building and its contents.

— CT Camel, fire management specialist, on behalf of CS&KT Division of Fire

Blaming Trump for virus is misguided

Today’s fairy tale from Democrats and their mainstream media propagandists: President Trump has mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic, has no national plan and is responsible for 170,000 deaths.

This is, of course, absurd. The facts: On Jan. 29, Trump banned travel from China and later from Europe to prevent spread of the coronavirus to the U.S. He was called a racist, but his action saved American lives. He formed a Coronavirus task force to provide scientific information and recommendations, and to keep Americans informed.

Trump’s national COVID-19 policy has been clear from the outset: rather than a “one-size-fits-all” federal mandate, each of the 50 state governors would be in charge of their individual states' response. The federal government worked closely with all the governors to inform them of the scientific information, determine their needs and provide support. New York and California governors said “Trump delivered for us.” Initial shortages of supplies and testing were inevitable, but quickly resolved. Trump created a “Warp Speed Vaccine Task Force” that promises to have a vaccine in record time, and he implemented the Defense Authorization Act to get needed medical equipment manufactured. Resurgence of the virus after the lockdown is predictable, but blaming the president is inappropriate and despicable.

— Kathryn L. Johnson, Polson

Energy Keepers being dishonest

On Aug. 5, 2016 a group of business leaders met to discuss keeping Flathead Lake at full pool — 2,893 feet — June 15 through Sept. 15. Those in attendance included then-mayor Heather Knutson, Lake County Commissioner Gale Decker, Energy Keepers CEO Brian Lipscomb and Chief Operating Officer Travis Togo.

This meeting was reported on by Vince Devlin of the Missoulian (8/17/2016).

Togo said “Flathead is supposed to refill by June 15 and remain between 2892.7 feet and 2893 feet until Sept. 15.”

That was not the case this year. By mid-August the lake had been drawn down to 2892.2 feet. This was done to drive the turbines in order to produce more electricity. The tribe’s only interest is in making money instead of helping the communities that they live in and the neighboring towns around the lake.

Togo and Lipscomb have been telling the numerous callers and the Daily Interlake newspaper (Kianna Gardner, Sept. 6) that they aren’t doing anything different. All you have to do is go on the internet and look up Flathead.uslakes.info or uslakesonline.com and see for yourself.

Ninety days at full pool is not too much to ask. This is a natural lake and not just a dam for out-of-state energy users. I’m curious as to what kind of bonuses are being paid at our expense.

Wayne Schile, Polson

Pavlock best for HD93

Lisa Pavlock is running for the House District 93 seat in Lake County. These are the things she stands for:

PUBLIC LANDS: Keep public lands in public hands and accessible to the public.

HEALTH CARE: Continue Medicare expansion and quality, affordable health care. Support local clinics and hospitals.

LOCAL BUSINESS: Stand up for local businesses as Lake County and Montana struggle to recover from the impact of Covid-19.

HOUSING: Work to improve the issue of inadequate affordable housing.

ENERGY: Pursue sources of renewable energy and conservation.

Lisa's position on these issues is common sense. If elected to HD93, Pavlock will work toward solutions, and will listen to and weigh the merits of all legislative action. Vote Lisa Pavlock.

— EB Strain, Ronan

Give Browning your support

I’m writing to encourage members of House District 12 to vote for Gerry Browning for our representative to the Montana legislature. Gerry has an incredibly diverse background, working as a nurse in several settings before trading her nurse's uniform for the uncertainty and independence of small business ownership. Anyone visiting Terrace Flowers or Vine and Tap on Main Street in Polson was likely treated to Gerry's infectious laugh at some point during their shopping or dining foray. Friendly, outgoing, inquisitive, incredibly smart, Gerry, an avid volunteer, has left her mark on many community organizations: The Polson School Board, the St. Joseph Hospital Board, Soroptimist International, and the Flathead Lake International Cinema, to name just a few. These diverse activities along with her work experience have informed Gerry of the many nuances that drive our hopes and fears here in western Montana.

A little-known fact about Gerry: while on the school board, she actually enjoyed serving on the Contract Negotiation Committee because she saw both sides of an issue and could bring disparate sides together to reach consensus. Having served in that capacity myself, I know this is no small feat.

Gerry will be an asset to the Legislature.

— Caryl Cox, Polson

Browning a great fit for HD12

Having spent four sessions immersed in the Montana State Legislature, I assure you Gerry Browning is a perfect fit as representative for House District 12. Gerry’s professional and personal experience make her a versatile candidate for the 90-day, biennial legislative session.

Professionally, Gerry is a nurse and served as a board member for St. Joseph’s Hospital, giving her insight into the challenges of delivering quality, affordable health care. Additionally, Gerry, as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, ran a Main Street Polson business for 25 years, allowing her to develop an understanding of the needs of the business culture in Montana.

Gerry is active in our community. Beyond volunteer work for numerous groups and causes, Gerry supports public education and demonstrated it as a member of the Polson School Board. More importantly, the Brownings chose to raise their family in Polson with their daughters attending Polson schools. As a parent and board member, Gerry understands the challenges facing public education in Montana.

Experience in the world of health care, business and education makes Gerry Browning a great candidate. encourage you to join me in supporting Gerry as our next representative serving House District 12.

— Steve York, Polson