Letters: Resort tax not the answer

| September 30, 2020 12:15 PM

Resort tax not the answer

Apparently the Polson City Commision will forge ahead to level a 3% tax that has been resoundingly voted down in the past. What part of “no” does the City Commission not understand?

Tourist dollars will help, but not fulfill all that the commission desires. Therefore the so-called 20-year tax will be permanent. Those who live outside of Polson city limits will be taxed without any representation or have a say in such.

The businesses in Polson will suffer when the tourists are gone for the summer season. It is my opinion that Lake County residents will shop elsewhere or online. Why pay unfair tax when there is little benefit to all?

To the residents of Polson I say, “wake up and vote this unfair tax down.”. To the Polson City Commission I say, “when the residents say no, it means no.”

— Tom Myers, Ronan

Browning best for HD12

I have long admired Gerry Browning and am delighted she has chosen to run for office to serve House District 12.

She has experience in both private and public processes. Most important, she is a successful businesswoman who understands Main Street issues, while not ignoring other areas that need attention and action: health care (former nurse); education (former school board member); community development (past board member, Polson Community Development, and the efforts Gerry and her husband Joe bring to renovating properties in our downtown).

Gerry Browning’s diversified experience makes her a better choice to represent House District 12 in the Montana Legislature. I know she would be glad to address any concerns or questions about her candidacy.

— Cindy Willis, Polson

Pavlock best for HD93

Throughout my adult life I have listened to politicians, acquainted myself with the candidates and voted.

Currently I am disheartened by the division and anger in our country urged on by the current administration.

Lisa Pavlock is a voice of reason during this time. She is an empathetic listener who considers all points of view.

She is an educator and strongly believes in funding a well balanced system of public education.

Lisa is for affordable health care for all families and will protect Medicaid expansion and Montana's rural health clinics.

Covid-19 is a reality; Lisa will be a strong voice in the House, standing up for local businesses and individuals in our community as we recover from the effects of a pandemic.

Vote for Lisa Pavlock for House District 93.

— Caroline Myhre, Charlo

Montana needs Bennett's integrity

Perhaps as much as any other time in Montana’s history, now is the time for honest, disciplined, effective and experienced leadership in Helena. Bryce Bennet is prepared to bring these attributes to the Office of Secretary of State.

Of these qualities, experience is the quality that best predicts the long-term success of our next secretary of state and is especially important because the person we choose will serve for at least four years. Bryce Bennett’s unbroken and unblemished governmental record began in 2011, and he has served over those 10 years in both the Montana House and Senate with honesty, distinction and honor.

Montana needs Bryce Bennett as secretary of state, where he can apply these rare and valuable character traits to build an even better and stronger Montana.

— Robert Gilbreath, Ronan

Is Montana for sale?

How much money does it take to get elected to a statewide office in Montana? Can an election be bought? Just ask Tim Fox or Al Olszewski. Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for governor, knows how to buy an election. He has put more than $2.5 million of his own money hoping to buy the Montana governor’s office. To him $2.5 million is just chicken feed. Does character matter any more? Is it just inconsequential that in 2017 Gianforte was convicted of assault on a reporter and later lied to authorities about the assault? Is this the best we can do for a candidate for Montana governor? What about Troy Downing, Republican candidate for Montana state auditor, convicted of illegal hunting? He also thinks Montana is for sale. There is a disconcerting trend in politics in general, and Montana specifically, where it is becoming more difficult for a working-class Montanan to get elected if they are up against a wealthy opponent, regardless of their character. Money seems to matter more than character. Then there is Donald J. Trump. He is the person who redefines character. What a role model for our children.

— Craig McClure, Polson

Reksten best choice for House

Linda Reksten is a candidate whose qualifications make her an ideal person to hold office as a Montana State Representative. Linda knows what it is to serve the public, based on her 34 years in public education, 17 years as a principal and seven years as superintendent in Butte. She believes in reducing the tax burden for all Montana citizens and being a strong voice for all Lake County citizens so that they feel they have a voice in our state government. Help to make Montana a place where businesses are looking to come to. Provide the infrastructure for businesses to come to our state and grow. Above all, to strengthen the family values that are so near and dear us in Montana.

Vote for the best candidate for HD12: Linda Reksten.

— Frank Delgado, president, Lake County Pachyderms

Bullock gets my vote (by mail)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Gov. Bullock for allowing county officials to make the choice that is in the best interests of their residents. In June, every county ran a mail ballot primary, and turnout was at a record high. After that success, election officials across the state asked Gov. Bullock for the option to conduct another mail ballot election during this unprecedented public health crisis. Gov. Bullock’s decision to grant their request allows us to remain safe and healthy while still exercising our constitutional right to vote.

That’s why I’m so frustrated that some people are trying to cast this smart decision in a bad light, with no evidence to back it up. Montana House member Greg Hertz recently suggested that giving the counties the flexibility to decide how to conduct their own elections would somehow warp the results. There is no truth to this. Montanans have used mail ballots for decades without issue. They are safe and secure.

Gov. Bullock’s decision was thoughtful and foresighted. These characteristics that are so rare and admirable in today’s political climate would serve Montana and the nation well in Washington, D.C. Steve Bullock gets my vote for the Senate (by mail).

— Linda Greenwood, Polson