Sunday, September 26, 2021

Letters to the Editor: What's the end game?

| April 8, 2021 12:10 AM

What’s the end game?

Gov. Gianforte has framed his COVID response on his faith in Montanans to demonstrate “individual responsibility.” However, his most recent example of not being personally responsible after failing to take the required wolf training course before trapping and shooting a wolf adjacent to Yellowstone Park continues to demonstrate a rather poor model of “individual responsibility.” This is especially true when combined with a previous Fish and Game violation for shooting a spike elk in an area requiring a brow tine, and then, of course, his infamous body slamming of a reporter just prior to his election to the House of Representatives. It’s also interesting the wolf killing incident did not get reported for nearly a month in spite of the fact that the Republicans in the Legislature were debating wolf management including trapping. It makes you wonder why the Republicans and the governor are so anxious to pass legislation allowing him to appoint judges in Montana. Perhaps it is to ensure favorable treatment if this trend of behavior continues?

— Suz Rittenhouse, Polson

Don’t discourage voter participation

During the 2020 election the nation saw a surge in election participation, and Montana was no exception. A few counties even saw a percentage nearing and even surpassing 90% in voter turnout. However, to keep up the participation our state has shown, we must make an effort to keep the voting rights we already have. House Bill 406 was created in an effort to make it more difficult for Montana residents to vote by prohibiting ballot collection. Ballot collection is when people cast their absentee ballots and have them delivered with help from their friends, non-immediate family, and even organizations set up to help increase voter participation. Many Montanans live in very rural areas without reliable mail service, or work difficult and demanding jobs that do not guarantee them time to attend polling places in person on election days, making absentee ballot collection so important to our residents’ rights. Contact your representative(s) today and tell them to vote no on HB406.

— Emma Kardokus, Heron