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Letters to the Editor: Democrats deliver

| December 2, 2021 12:15 AM

Democrats deliver

I give Sen. Jon Tester a hearty Montana thank you for sponsoring and pushing the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act with bipartisan support. The act will create jobs for Montana men and women across the state and will fund the building of roads, bridges, airports and critical water projects. Also, there are investments to complete all authorized Indian water rights settlements, including three settlements in Montana.

The act supports our tourism industry, funding wildfire risk abatement and rehabilitation of burned areas. Good for Jon Tester. That is the bright side of the coin.

The dark side, however, is where Sen. Daines and Rep. Rosendale dwell. They both voted against the infrastructure bill, claiming that the bill did not fund infrastructure. Huh? Jobs, roads, bridges, airports and drinking water facilities are not infrastructure?

Let's cut through the bologna and get to the real reason they opposed it. They are following Mitch McConnell's lead in denying anything Democrats support. They put politics and their own self-interest above jobs and safety for Montanans. They didn't have the spine to buck the national Republicans and do the right thing for the Montanans they represent.

Sen. Tester delivers for Montanans.

— Suz Rittenhouse, Polson

Tax everyone

So, let's tax the rich. Sounds fantastic. Let's remember that taxing the rich beyond what the poor pay is just a way to encourage the rich to take their money elsewhere. Or they raise prices to compensate — a self-inflicted wound to the consumer.

If you want true fairness then you also should be taxed exactly the same rate. No deductions, you should have skin in the game before you preach to the rest. The lie of your so-called trickle-down economy is a lie of propaganda put out by elite people who twist words that sound like they are something they aren't. I also don't agree with giving tax breaks to anyone. Even the poorest of the poor like me should pay a minimum 10 percent. Otherwise, you have no right to say anything.

Let's tax everyone including the Tribe and corporations and poor. All should pay for the services we employ to make our communities safe. I am sick of this mentality that it's just the rich who don't pay. Or do we only speak of those we can vilify without retribution? All I see in this society is hate this, hate that, hate everything, but whatever you do don't be like those others. We love you so much that if you don't get the clot shot you deserve to die a painful death. Let's make life hard for those who don't do what we tell them to.

Do you honestly believe that your moral superiority will bring unity and utopia? Or will you just get rid of us undesirables? Then utopia will happen. Delusional thinking, in my opinion.

— Tammi Baer, Ronan

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