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Wrestling Roundup: Bulldogs’ Dillard takes Bob Kinney title at 113

by Lake County Leader
| December 14, 2021 11:00 AM

The Mission-Charlo Bulldogs placed five wrestlers at fourth place or better in the Bob Kinney Classic Saturday at Superior.

Kody Dillard took the title at 103 pounds with a pin of Kiera Davis of Corvallis in the championship match.

Freshman Dillon Dwelle went 2-1 and finished second at 120 pounds.

The Bulldogs also got a third-place finish from Codiak Killorn at 145 pounds and fourth-place finishes from Isaiah Fields at 132 and Charley Adams at 152.

Mission-Charlo finished seventh in the 12-team events. Libby took the team title, while host Superior/Alberton was second.

Arlee’s Brodie Smith went 3-3 and finished second to Micah Acker of Superior/Alberton at 113 pounds. Fellow Warrior RJ Knoll finished second at 160 pounds. Arlee was ninth in team standings.

Bob Kinney Classic

Team scores: 1 Libby 152.5; 2 Superior/Alberton 132; 3 Corvallis 100; 4 Thompson Falls 94.5; 5 Whitefish 94; 6 Plains/Hot Springs 85; 7 Mission/Charlo 83; 8 Florence 50; 9 Arlee 40; 10 Shelby 12; 11 Powell Co. (Deer Lodge) 0.

Forfeits propel Chiefs past Mission-Charlo

The Chiefs and Bulldogs split six head-to-head matches, 3-3, during a dual at St. Ignatius on Tuesday, Dec. 7. Mission-Charlo got wins from Kody Dillard at 103 pounds, Shayden Friedlander at 160, and Canyon Sargent at 170. Ronan’s victors were Brady Hout at 145 pounds, Landon Bishop at 152, and Tristan Fisher at 182.

The difference in the final score for the dual came in forfeited matches. The Chiefs won six by forfeit, while the Bulldogs got just one.

Ronan 48, Mission-Charlo 22

103: Kody Dillard (MIS) over Ian Dillard (RON) (MD 14-5); 145: Brady Hout (RON) over Codiak Killorn (MIS) (Fall 0:37); 152: Landon Bishop (RON) over Charley Adams (MIS) (Dec 10-7); 160: Shayden Friedlander (MIS) over Louie James (RONA) (Fall 1:18); 170: Canyon Sargent (MIS) over Cole Dalke (RONA) (Fall 1:32); 182: Tristan Fisher (RON) over Deago Hostetler (MIS) (Dec 16-13).

Wins by forfeit: 113: Hunter Hume (RON); 120: Ridge Cote (RON); 126: James Kenelty (RON); 132: Isaiah Fields (MIS); 138: Fortino Silva (RON); 205: Issac Rodriguez (RON); 285: Max Morency (RON).

Polson trio notches wins at Libby

Polson traveled to Libby on Tuesday, Dec. 7. The Pirates got wins from Ryley Knutson, Micah Craig and Jaren Keene.

Libby-Troy 57, Polson 15

103: Riley Osborn (LITR) over (POLS) (For.) 113: Ryley Knutson (POLS) over Xavier Reatz (LITR) (Dec 11-4) 120: Marley Erickson (LITR) over Izayus Prewett (POLS) (Fall 1:36) 126: Zekiah Meyers (LITR) over Brian Lyles (POLS) (Dec 9-6) 132: Micah Craig (POLS) over Dawson Rose (LITR) (Fall 2:29) 138: Elijah Edwards (LITR) over (POLS) (For.) 145: Cael Schwindt (LITR) over Noah Trosper (POLS) (Fall 1:47) 152: Joey Wise (LITR) over Casey Trosper (POLS) (Fall 0:56) 160: Wyatt Gregg (LITR) over (POLS) (For.) 170: Jaren Keene (POLS) over Matthew Niemi (LITR) (Fall 0:47) 182: Jace DeShazer (LITR) over (POLS) (For.) 205: Gaige Bache (LITR) over (POLS) (For.) 285: Aydan Williamson (LITR) over (POLS) (For.)

Knolls shine at Plains

Arlee hit the road Thursday, Dec. 9 for a dual against Plains-Hot Springs. Eight matches were decided by forfeit and two others ended in double forfeit. Just three matches took place, with Arlee’s Drew and RJ Knoll winning by fall and the Warriors’ Tyrel Thomas losing by fall to John Waterbury at 126 pounds.

Plains-Hot Springs 36, Arlee 24

103: August Courville (PHS) over (ARLE) (For.) 113: Gavin Schrenk (PHS) over (ARLE) (For.) 120: Brody Smith (ARLE) over (PHS) (For.) 126: John Waterbury (PHS) over Tyrel Thomas (ARLE) (Fall 0:36) 132: Drew Carey (PHS) over (ARLE) (For.) 138: David Schulze (PHS) over (ARLE) (For.) 145: Brady Schrenk (PHS) over (ARLE) (For.) 152: Drew Knoll (ARLE) over Lillian MacDonald (PHS) (Fall 1:50) 160: RJ Knoll (ARLE) over Spur Ryan (PHS) (Fall 1:52) 170: Double Forfeit 182: Garret O'Connor (ARLE) over (PHS) (For.) 205: Double Forfeit 285: Double Forfeit.

Chiefs, Pirates ousted in pool matches at Butte

Ronan managed three team wins during head-to-head pool play Friday at the Mining City Duals on Friday at Butte, but it wasn’t enough to extend the trip to Saturday’s championship duals.

Polson went 0-5 on Friday and also was eliminated.

Flathead defeated Butte 42-27 in the championship dual on Saturday.

Billings Senior, 46, Ronan 24

152: Caleb Cheff (RONA) over Jake Barnhill (BSH) (Fall 2:27) 160: Louie James (RONA) over (BSH) (For.) 170: Shawn Miller (BSH) over Tristan Fisher (RONA) (Fall 1:54) 182: Hayden Allie (BSH) over Jamison Webster (RONA) (MD 15-3) 205: Damien LaVe (BSH) over (RONA) (For.) 285: Max Morency (RONA) over Noah Campbell (BSH) (Fall 2:42) 103: Tristan Vladic (BSH) over Ian Dillard (RONA) (Fall 1:01) 113: Ridge Cote (RONA) over Junior Madrid (BSH) (Fall 2:02) 120: Daylon Forshee (BSH) over Tyson Lake (RONA) (Fall 1:32) 126: Holden Howe (BSH) over Koy McAllister (RONA) (Fall 1:40) 132: Idren Peak (BSH) over Koda King (RONA) (Fall 1:20) 138: Timmy Rodriguez (BSH) over Fortino Silva (RONA) (Dec 5-1) 145: James Roan (BSH) over Landon Bishop (RONA) (Dec 7-1)

Frenchtown 48, Ronan 19

103: Issac Stewart (FREN) over Ian Dillard (RONA) (Fall 2:47) 113: Ridge Cote (RONA) over Ryder Hansen (FREN) (Fall 5:12) 120: Corbin Long (FREN) over Tyson Lake (RONA) (Fall 1:21) 126: Gabe Mobley (FREN) over Koy McAllister (RONA) (Fall 3:42) 132: Koda King (RONA) over Roman Duke (FREN) (Fall 1:49) 138: Bradyn Rate (FREN) over Fortino Silva (RONA) (Dec 9-4) 145: Landon Bishop (RONA) over Zane Martin (FREN) (MD 11-3) 152: Gavin McLean (FREN) over Caleb Cheff (RONA) (Fall 1:10) 160: Smokey Stoker (FREN) over Louie James (RONA) (Fall 1:41) 170: Tristan Fisher (RONA) over Dillon Warner (FREN) (SV-1 8-6) 182: Noah Rausch (FREN) over Jamison Webster (RONA) (Fall 1:23) 205: Brody Harris (FREN) over (RONA) (For.) 285: Philip Herald (FREN) over Max Morency (RONA) (SV-1 3-2)

Ronan 63, Helena 12

285: Max Morency (RONA) over David Luby (HELE) (Fall 1:31) 103: Ian Dillard (RONA) over (HELE) (For.) 113: Ridge Cote (RONA) over Asa Wood (HELE) (Fall 0:33) 120: Tyson Lake (RONA) over Steven Yargo (HELE) (Fall 1:07) 126: James Kenelty (RONA) over Ariah Loppie (HELE) (Fall 1:31) 132: Koda King (RONA) over Beau Wood (HELE) (Fall 0:36) 138: Fortino Silva (RONA) over JT Gehring (HELE) (Dec 4-2) 145: Landon Bishop (RONA) over Ian Mehrens (HELE) (Fall 3:38) 152: Caleb Cheff (RONA) over Andrew Cotton (HELE) (Fall 1:23) 160: Dhestin McKinnis (HELE) over Louie James (RONA) (Fall 0:18) 170: Tristan Fisher (RONA) over (HELE) (For.) 182: Jamison Webster (RONA) over Kaleb Kirklin (HELE) (Fall 3:40) 205: Ruger Young (HELE) over (RONA) (For.)

Ronan 46, Great Falls CMR 24

126: Trenton Hughes (GRFA) over James Kenelty (RONA) (Dec 8-4) 132: Koda King (RONA) over Avery Hollans (GRFA) (Fall 1:23) 138: Fortino Silva (RONA) over (GRFA) (For.) 145: Landon Bishop (RONA) over Levi Giles (GRFA) (MD 13-2) 152: Cayden Doran (GRFA) over Caleb Cheff (RONA) (Dec 8-4) 160: Logan Sloan (GRFA) over Louie James (RONA) (Fall 3:36) 170: Tristan Fisher (RONA) over Bridger Stoll (GRFA) (Fall 2:28) 182: Jamison Webster (RONA) over Dorian White (GRFA) (Fall 1:22) 205: Aiden Adams (GRFA) over (RONA) (For.) 285: Max Morency (RONA) over (GRFA) (For.) 103: Ian Dillard (RONA) over (GRFA) (For.) 113: Ridge Cote (RONA) over Gavin Fuhringer (GRFA) (Fall 0:51) 120: Cole Dejean (GRFA) over Tyson Lake (RONA) (Fall 1:58)

Ronan 66 Missoula Hellgate 12

103: Ian Dillard (RONA) over (MIHE) (For.) 113: Ridge Cote (RONA) over (MIHE) (For.) 120: Grady Caton (MIHE) over Tyson Lake (RONA) (Fall 0:58) 126: Koy McAllister (RONA) over (MIHE) (For.) 132: Koda King (RONA) over Wyatt Zander (MIHE) (Fall 1:25) 138: Fortino Silva (RONA) over Dylan Gunlock (MIHE) (Fall 3:14) 145: Landon Bishop (RONA) over Zane Nealey (MIHE) (Fall 1:35) 152: Caleb Cheff (RONA) over Kaiden Cooke (MIHE) (Fall 2:48) 160: Louie James (RONA) over (MIHE) (For.) 170: Tristan Fisher (RONA) over (MIHE) (For.) 182: Jamison Webster (RONA) over (MIHE) (For.) 205: Jake Sweatland (MIHE) over (RONA) (For.) 285: Max Morency (RONA) over Layne Cooney (MIHE) (Fall 2:31)

Gallatin 63, Polson 6

103: Double Forfeit 113: Isaiah Christiansen (GHS) over Ryley Knutson (POLS) (Fall 1:43) 120: Izayus Prewett (POLS) over (GHS) (For.) 126: Sam Crawford (GHS) over Brian Lyles (POLS) (Fall 1:16) 132: Kameron Amende (GHS) over Micah Craig (POLS) (Fall 1:15) 138: Evan Hansard (GHS) over (POLS) (For.) 145: Cooper McGovern (GHS) over Noah Trosper (POLS) (Fall 0:55) 152: Tillman Bartholomew (GHS) over Casey Trosper (POLS) (Fall 0:14) 160: Felix Peterson (GHS) over (POLS) (For.) 170: Landry Cooley (GHS) over Jaren Keene (POLS) (Dec 14-12) 182: Tucker McKay (GHS) over Michael Pierre (POLS) (Fall 2:26) 205: Kameron Keyser (GHS) over (POLS) (For.) 285: Oakley Woody (GHS) over (POLS) (For.)

Great Falls CMR 36, Polson 18

170: Jaren Keene (POLS) over Logan Sloan (GRFA) (Fall 2:55) 182: Double Forfeit 205: Aiden Adams (GRFA) over (POLS) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit 103: Double Forfeit 113: Ryley Knutson (POLS) over Gavin Fuhringer (GRFA) (Fall 2:18) 120: Trenton Hughes (GRFA) over Izayus Prewett (POLS) (Fall 3:49) 126: Brian Lyles (POLS) over Cole Dejean (GRFA) (Fall 4:00) 132: Avery Hollans (GRFA) over Micah Craig (POLS) (Fall 1:32) 138: Double Forfeit 145: Levi Giles (GRFA) over Noah Trosper (POLS) (Fall 0:32) 152: Cayden Doran (GRFA) over Casey Trosper (POLS) (Fall 0:29) 160: Mason Spahr (GRFA) over (POLS) (For.)

Great Falls High 50, Polson 18

160: Double Forfeit 170: Jaren Keene (POLS) over (GRFA) (For.) 182: Ray Johnson (GRFA) over (POLS) (For.) 205: Tyber Hagen (GRFA) over (POLS) (For.) 285: Aaron Albrecht (GRFA) over (POLS) (For.) 103: Ethan Geagel (GRFA) over (POLS) (For.) 113: Ryley Knutson (POLS) over (GRFA) (For.) 120: Samuel Elliott (GRFA) over Alex Clairmont (POLS) (Fall 3:22) 126: Gavin Cotton (GRFA) over Brian Lyles (POLS) (TF 15-0 5:00) 132: Teancum Palmer (GRFA) over Micah Craig (POLS) (Dec 8-5) 138: Caden Darnell (GRFA) over (POLS) (For.) 145: Reid O`Neill (GRFA) over Noah Trosper (POLS) (Fall 1:25) 152: Casey Trosper (POLS) over (GRFA) (For.)

Havre 70, Polson 0

120: Colter Soloman (HAVR) over Izayus Prewett (POLS) (Fall 1:49) 126: Carson Harris (HAVR) over Brian Lyles (POLS) (MD 12-4) 132: Dominic Perkins (HAVR) over Micah Craig (POLS) (Fall 0:46) 138: Jacob Kunz (HAVR) over (POLS) (For.) 145: Tristian Stygles (HAVR) over Noah Trosper (POLS) (Fall 1:02) 152: Riley Pleninger (HAVR) over Casey Trosper (POLS) (Fall 0:49) 160: Kendall Pleninger (HAVR) over (POLS) (For.) 170: Kale VanCampen (HAVR) over Jaren Keene (POLS) (Fall 3:37) 182: Pierce Caplette (HAVR) over (POLS) (For.) 205: Randy Tommerup (HAVR) over (POLS) (For.) 285: Zale Thomas (HAVR) over (POLS) (For.) 103: 113: Matthew Lemer (HAVR) over Ryley Knutson (POLS) (Fall 1:43)

Helena Capital 60, Polson 12

138: Carson DesRosier (HECA) over (POLS) (For.) 145: Nick Flies (HECA) over Noah Trosper (POLS) (Fall 1:04) 152: Cole Graham (HECA) over Casey Trosper (POLS) (Fall 1:54) 160: Conner Kovick (HECA) over (POLS) (For.) 170: Michael Pierre (POLS) over Tyler Crum (HECA) (Fall 1:52) 182: Double Forfeit 205: Tucker Zanto (HECA) over (POLS) (For.) 285: Paul Mousel (HECA) over (POLS) (For.) 103: Jack Casey (HECA) over (POLS) (For.) 113: Cashton Spolar (HECA) over Braedon Iliff (POLS) (Fall 1:55) 120: Alex Clairmont (POLS) over Dustin Campbell (HECA) (Fall 3:55) 126: Hunter Rahn (HECA) over Brian Lyles (POLS) (Fall 5:42) 132: Ayden Smelko (HECA) over Micah Craig (POLS) (Fall 3:26)

Championship Pool Results

1st Place - Flathead; 2nd Place - Butte; 3rd Place - Billings Senior High School; 4th Place - Billings West

1st Place Match: Flathead defeated Butte 42-27.

3rd Place Match: Billings Senior High School defeated Billings West 48-27.

Bulldogs split in home mixer

Mission went 1-1 during a three-team mixer Friday at St. Ignatius. The Bulldogs defeated Thompson Falls-Noxon but fell to Florence-Carlton. The Bulldogs’ Isaiah Fields won matches in both duals.

Florence-Carlton 42, Mission-Charlo 20

113: Kody Dillard (SIC) over Jon Post (FLCA) (MD 14-5) 120: Jon Post (FLCA) over Dillion Dwelle (SIC) (Fall 1:41) 138: Isaiah Fields (SIC) over Seth Wilson (FLCA) (Fall 3:29) 145: Seth Wilson (FLCA) over Codiak Killorn (SIC) (Fall 1:29) 160: Shayden Friedlander (SIC) over Jett Murray (FLCA) (Fall 0:15) 182: Lance Burrows (FLCA) over Noah Anderson (SIC) (Fall 1:17) 182: Sean Larson (FLCA) over Deago Hostetler (SIC) (Fall 5:29) 182: Jared Weaver (FLCA) over Noah Anderson (SIC) (Fall 3:24) 182: Deago Hostetler (SIC) over Jared Weaver (FLCA) (MD 14-5) 205: Dallas Blair (FLCA) over George Ranney (SIC) (Fall 5:36) 205: Luke Maki (FLCA) over George Ranney (SIC) (Fall 0:22)

Mission-Charlo 27, Thompson Falls-Noxon 17

126: Dillion Dwelle (SIC) over Levi Wenz (THFA) (Dec 12-5) 132: Isaiah Fields (SIC) over Westin Brown (THFA) (Fall 3:19) 145: Trae Thilmony (THFA) over Codiak Killorn (SIC) (TF 16-0 2:00) 152: Eli Ratliff (THFA) over Charley Adams (SIC) (Fall 1:12) 160: Shane Reishus (THFA) over Shayden Friedlander (SIC) (Fall 0:36) 170: Canyon Sargent (SIC) over Max Hannum (THFA) (Fall 2:00) 182: Noah Anderson (SIC) over Veronica Bewick (THFA) (Fall 0:14) 285: George Ranney (SIC) over Hayden Hanks (THFA) (Fall 5:05)


Mission-Charlo's Charley Adams goes for a pin at the Bob Kinney Classic in Superior. (Courtesy of Daisy Adams)

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