Sunday, March 07, 2021

Wrestling Roundup: Chiefs 10th in state coaches poll

by Lake County Leader
| February 10, 2021 8:00 AM

Several regional teams are featured in the class A high school wrestling coaches poll compiled by Sidney head coach Guy Melby that were released last week.

The Ronan Chiefs are the lone Lake County team listed in the top 10, which also features Frenchtown, Columbia Falls and Libby.

The top 10 teams are: Sidney, Lewistown, Miles City, Laurel, Havre, Frenchtown, Columbia Falls, Livingston-Big Timber, Libby, Ronan.

Following are the individual rankings:

103: 1. Landon Stewart, Frenchtown; 2. Ryley Knutson, Polson; 3. Gordon Knapp, Sidney; 4. Chris Hall, Browning; 5. Caleb Smith, Miles City; 6. Josh Pindle, Lockwood.

113: 1. Owen Lonski, Sidney; 2. Hunter Barnes, Dillon; 3. Austin Berry, Glendive; 4. Nathan Sproul, Whitefish; 5. Jett Campbell, Frenchtown; 6. Damon McCord, Lewistown.

120: 1. Eli Warner, Frenchtown; 2. Mick Chagnon, Havre; 3. Kolby Hutzenbiler, Sidney; 4. Ashton Ulschak, Laurel; 5. Jesse Anson, Whitefish; 6. Josiah Kilman, Columbia Falls.

126: 1. Zander Dean, Sidney; 2. Orion Barta, Columbia Falls; 3. Noah Huffaker, Dillon; 4. Mayson Cowell, Polson; 5. Gage McGilluray, Livingston; 6. Kason Olsen, Lewistown.

132: 1. Cooper Birdwell, Lewistown; 2. Kolton Reid, Sidney; 3. Justin Windauer, Columbia Falls; 4. Curry Brown, Miles City; 5. Zander Spady, Libby; 6. Beaudan Decker, Ronan.

138: 1. Jordan Darby, Sidney; 2. Danyk Jacobsen, Livingston; 3. John Warner, Frenchtown; 4. Hayden Azure, Glendive; 5. Jason Davis, Corvallis; 6. Riley Pleninger, Havre.

145: 1. Damian Leidholt, Miles City; 2. Zander Burnison, Sidney; 3. Cody Harrington, Glendive; 4. Wyatt Elam, Lewistown; 5. Zane Martin, Frenchtown; 6. Davis Sharp, Browning.

152: 1. Aden Graves, Sidney; 2. Smokey Stoker, Frenchtown; 3. Cody Crase, Libby; 4. Tyler Eminenth, Laurel; 5. Ashton Grover, Lewistown; 6. Henery Bennetts, Whitefish.

160: 1. Gavin Mclean, Frenchtown; 2. Kade Graves, Sidney; 3. Kade VanCampen, Havre; 4. Camden Johnson, Laurel; 5. Cade Gubler, Livingston; 6. Jace Dechazier, Libby.

170: 1. Dylan Lutz, Sidney; 2. Keaton Potter, Lewistown; 3. Orion Thivierge, Havre; 4. Daniel Collens Bishop, Ronan; 5. Camerson Ross, Whitefish; 6. Cole Younger, Laurel.

182: 1. Landon Farrar, Lewistown; 2. Easton Hopes, Sidney; 3. Josh Bertram, Columbia Falls; 4. Canyon Shope, Frenchtown; 5. Thristen Fisher, Ronan; 6. Jace Augare, Browning.

205: 1. Riley Waters, Sidney; 2. Brandon Roll, Columbia Falls; 3. Connor Ulschak, Laurel; 4. Nathan Hansen, Frenchtown; 5. Derrick Saltman, Hamilton; 6. Dante Pallone, Hardin.


Whitefish, East Helena at Polson

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Polson 54 East Helena 18

103: Ryley Knutson (POLS) over (EHHS) (For.) 113: Cole Cross (POLS) over Caleb Schwen (EHHS) (Fall 0:00) 120: Brayden Silveson (EHHS) over Micah Craig (POLS) (Fall 2:00) 126: Gavin Knutson (POLS) over Sonny Silverthorne (EHHS) (Fall 0:00) 132: Casey Trosper (POLS) over (EHHS) (For.) 138: Ramey Olsen (EHHS) over Noah Trosper (POLS) (Fall 0:00) 145: Colter DeYoung (EHHS) over Xavier Pierre (POLS) (Fall 2:00) 152: Caleb Pierre (POLS) over Gage Laman (EHHS) (Fall 0:00) 160: Michael Pierre (POLS) over Damoin Hardesty (EHHS) (Fall 0:00) 170: Abel Kimmel (POLS) over Carlos Estrda (EHHS) (Fall 0:00) 182: Double Forfeit 205: Jamison Webster (POLS) over (EHHS) (For.) 285: Aaron O`Roake (POLS) over (EHHS) (For.)

Whitefish 60, Polson 18

103: Ryley Knutson (POLS) over (WHIT) (For.) 113: Nathan Sproul (WHIT) over Cole Cross (POLS) (Fall 1:14) 120: Micah Craig (POLS) over (WHIT) (For.) 126: Angelo Castro (WHIT) over Gavin Knutson (POLS) (Fall 5:54) 132: Casey Trosper (POLS) over (WHIT) (For.) 138: Carter Moran (WHIT) over Noah Trosper (POLS) (Fall 1:48) 145: Jack Akey (WHIT) over Xavier Pierre (POLS) (Fall 0:44) 152: Henry Bennetts (WHIT) over Caleb Pierre (POLS) (Fall 2:44) 160: Rylee Creasey (WHIT) over Michael Pierre (POLS) (Fall 2:43) 170: Camren Ross (WHIT) over Abel Kimmel (POLS) (Fall 2:20) 182: Valen Lewis-Ingerson (WHIT) over (POLS) (For.) 205: Ashton Akey (WHIT) over Jamison Webster (POLS) (Fall 3:05) 285: Kai Nash (WHIT) over Aaron O`Roake (POLS) (Fall 3:01)

Arlee at Eureka

Friday, Feb. 5

Plains-Hot Springs 12, Arlee 5

120: Drew Carey (PHS) over Tyrel Thomas (ARLE) (Fall 1:29) 138: Will James Courville (PHS) over Drew Knoll (ARLE) (Fall 1:54) 145: Colt Crawford (ARLE) over Brenden Vanderwall (PHS) (TF 17-0 0:00)

Ronan at Libby

Friday, Feb. 5

Libby-Troy 45, Ronan 27

103: Ian Dillard (RONA) over (LITR) (For.) 113: Xavier Reatz (LITR) over (RONA) (For.) 120: Cael Schwindt (LITR) over (RONA) (For.) 126: Zekiah Meyers (LITR) over Trevor Bartel (RONA) (Fall 1:05) 132: Zack Morrison (LITR) over Beaudean Decker (RONA) (Dec 5-0) 138: Landon Bishop (RONA) over Xander Spady (LITR) (Dec 5-1) 145: Caleb Cheff (RONA) over Elijah Edwards (LITR) (Fall 1:32) 152: Cody Crace (LITR) over (RONA) (For.) 160: Jace DeShazer (LITR) over (RONA) (For.) 170: Tucker Masters (LITR) over (RONA) (For.) 182: Tristan Fisher (RONA) over Coby Booker (LITR) (Fall 0:14) 205: Jasen Rodda (RONA) over (LITR) (For.) 285: Aydan Williamson (LITR) over Max Morency (RONA) (Fall 3:47)

Columbia Falls, Stevensville, Dillon, Butte Central at Ronan

Saturday, Feb. 6

Ronan 46, Stevensville-Victor 24

103: Ian Dillard (RONA) over (STVI) (For.) 113: 120: Gunnar Larson (STVI) over (RONA) (For.) 126: Trevor Bartel (RONA) over William Chiaverini (STVI) (MD 13-2) 132: Beaudean Decker (RONA) over (STVI) (For.) 138: Landon Bishop (RONA) over Ty Thompson (STVI) (Fall 3:22) 145: Caleb Cheff (RONA) over Dylan Janes (STVI) (Fall 0:58) 152: Jeffrey Berryman (STVI) over (RONA) (For.) 160: Aaron Springer (STVI) over (RONA) (For.) 170: Daniel Collins Bishop (RONA) over (STVI) (For.) 182: Tristan Fisher (RONA) over (STVI) (For.) 205: Kaden Sunderland (STVI) over (RONA) (For.) 285: Max Morency (RONA) over Zachary Sannar (STVI) (Fall 0:54)

Ronan 43, Beaverhead County-Twin Bridges-Sheridan 23

103: Ian Dillard (RONA) over (BCDT) (For.) 113: Hunter Barnes (BCDT) over (RONA) (For.) 120: Neal Brandon (BCDT) over (RONA) (For.) 126: Noah Huffaker (BCDT) over Trevor Bartel (RONA) (Fall 2:30) 132: Beaudean Decker (RONA) over Tel Holland (BCDT) (Dec 4-0) 138: Landon Bishop (RONA) over Forrest Wagoner (BCDT) (Fall 2:39) 145: 152: Caleb Cheff (RONA) over Tate Hanson (BCDT) (MD 12-4) 160: Tanner Mussard (BCDT) over (RONA) (For.) 170: Daniel Collins Bishop (RONA) over (BCDT) (For.) 182: Tristan Fisher (RONA) over Johnathan Johnson (BCDT) (Fall 0:25) 205: Jasen Rodda (RONA) over Jesse Hughes (BCDT) (Fall 1:47) 285: Max Morency (RONA) over Mateo Martinez (BCDT) (Fall 0:39) (BCDT unsportsmanlike conduct -1.0)

Whitefish and Mission-Charlo at Frenchtown

Saturday, Feb. 6

Frenchtown 75, Mission-Charlo 0

103: Landen Stewart (FREN) over Kody Dillard (SIC) (Fall 0:22) 113: Jett Cambell-Herald (FREN) over (SIC) (For.) 120: Eli Warner (FREN) over (SIC) (For.) 126: Nic Blanchard (FREN) over (SIC) (For.) 132: Bradyn Rate (FREN) over (SIC) (For.) 138: John Warner (FREN) over Codiak Killorn (SIC) (Fall 1:11) 145: Zane Martin (FREN) over Charlie Adams (SIC) (Fall 2:27) 152: Smokey Stoker (FREN) over Canyon Sargent (SIC) (Fall 4:46) 160: Gavin McLean (FREN) over (SIC) (For.) 170: Noah Rausch (FREN) over Christian Smith (SIC) (Fall 0:14) 182: Nathan Hansen (FREN) over Deago Hostetler (SIC) (Dec 7-6) 205: Brody Harris (FREN) over (SIC) (For.) 285: Philip Herald (FREN) over (SIC) (For.)

Whitefish 48, Mission-Charlo 15

103: Kody Dillard (SIC) over (WHIT) (For.) 113: Nathan Sproul (WHIT) over (SIC) (For.) 126: Angelo Castro (WHIT) over (SIC) (For.) 138: Carter Moran (WHIT) over Codiak Killorn (SIC) (Fall 3:49) 145: Charlie Adams (SIC) over Jack Akey (WHIT) (Fall 3:35) 152: Canyon Sargent (SIC) over Henry Bennetts (WHIT) (Dec 14-8) 160: Valen Lewis-Ingerson (WHIT) over (SIC) (For.) 170: Rylee Creasey (WHIT) over Christian Smith (SIC) (Fall 0:47) 182: Camren Ross (WHIT) over Deago Hostetler (SIC) (Fall 0:15) 205: Ashton Akey (WHIT) over (SIC) (For.) 285: Kai Nash (WHIT) over (SIC) (For.)


Polson's Caleb Pierre takes on Gage Laman of East Helena at Polson on Feb. 2 Pierre won by fall. (Bob Gunderson)


The Pirates' Aaron O'Roake throws Kai Nash of Whitefish in their 285-pound match Feb. 2 at Polson (Bob Gunderson)


Ronan's Max Morency tangles with Libby's Aydan Williamson on Friday at Libby. (William Langhorne/The Western News)