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Polson boys, girls tops at Lake County meet

Lake County Leader | May 11, 2021 3:00 PM

RONAN — Familiar friends and foes got after it with local pride on the line at the annual Lake County Track Meet on Thursday at Ronan High School.

When the dust settled, Polson won the girls team title fairly handily and the boys just beat out Ronan 138-132 for team honors.

Polson won just a few events outright, but finished strong across the board. Lucas Targerson won the boys 100 meters with a personal-best time of 11.48 seconds, just beating out Mission sprinters Charles Adams (11.56) and Layne Spidel (11.58).

Polson’s Jarrett Wilson finished second in the 200 behind Spidel (23.28). Wilson won the 110 meter hurdles by nearly 3 seconds, however, with a personal-best time of 16.69 seconds.

The Pirates’ Ryan Dupuis and David Bjorge finished 1-2 in the 3200, with teammate Kai Clifford coming in fourth.

Lady Pirates Ashtyn Wagner (1:07.51) and Hannah Simpson (1:09.34) finished 1-2 in the 400, and teammates Halle Heninger (2:43.06) and Taleah Hernandez (2:52.75) completed the same feat in the 800.

Host-team Ronan excelled in the field events, particularly the boys, which saw first-place finishes from Dylan Kelch in the shot put, and Payton Cates in the high jump and discus, where teammate Jesse Richey finished second.

Daniel Kelsch won the javelin by 7 feet with a throw of 143-5, and Zarec Couture swept the long jump and triple jump for the Chiefs. Caleb Chef set a personal record of 9-6 in the pole vault to finish second.

Ronan’s Rylie Lindquist scored a trifecta with wins in the girls javelin, shot put and discus.

Charlo standout Carlee Fryberger competed in three events — the 100, 200 and triple jump — and won them all, including a season-best mark of 34-11.5 in the triple jump.

Charlo also got a second-place finish from Braydon Zempel in the boys triple jump, a second in the girls discus from Aida Cote and a second in the girls javelin from Kyla Tomlin.

Apart from Spidel’s win in the 200, the Mission team also got a win from Andrew Rush in the 800 with a personal record of 2:05.10, good enough for a 10-second victory.

Dustin Mitchell finished second in the 300 hurdles and third in the 110-meter hurdles for the Bulldogs. Charles Adams finished third in both the long jump and the triple jump.

Mission’s Sydney Brander finished second in the high jump with a mark of 4-8, behind Ronan’s Lindsey Brooks (5-0), and won the long jump at 16-7. She also finished third in the triple jump.

Arlee’s Sage Nicolai won the 400 with a time of 56.30 and finished third in the 800. RJ Knoll won the boys pole vault for the Warriors.

Adalyn Jacobson of Arlee finished second behind Fryberger in both the 100 and 200, setting personal-best marks in both events.

Lake County Meet Top Finishers

Thursday, May 6 at Ronan


Team Scores: 1, Polson 138; 2, Ronan 132; 3, Mission 85; 4, Arlee 79; 5, Charlo 76

100 Meters: (1) Lucas Targerson, Polson, 11.48aPR; (2) Charles Adams, Mission, 11.56aPR; (3) Layne Spidel, Mission, 11.58aPR; (4) Austin Luper, Ronan, 11.75aPR; (5) Tommy Williams, Polson, 11.94aPR; (6) Kenton Piedalue, Charlo, 11.97aPR; (7) Braydon Zempel, Charlo, 12.06aPR; (8) Colt Crawford, Arlee, 12.10aPR; (9) Chairoum Tenas, Ronan, 12.18aPR; (10) Canyon Sargent, Mission, 12.32aPR.

200 Meters: (1) Layne Spidel, Mission, 23.28a; (2) Jarrett Wilson, Polson, 23.82aPR; (3) Austin Luper, Polson, 23.98aPR; (4) Kenton Piedalue, Charlo, 24.91aPR; (5) Braydon Zempel, Charlo, 25.26aPR; (6) Jordan Gatch, Ronan, 25.36aPR; (7) Keyan Pretty On Top, Ronan, 25.64aPR; (8) Chairoum Tenas, Ronan, 26.04aPR; (9) Briar Largent, Ronan, 26.60aPR; (10) Jacob Tomlin, Charlo, 27.29aPR.

400 Meters: (1) Sage Nicolai, Arlee, 56.30aPR;(2) Kenton Piedalue, Charlo, 56.55a; (3) Tommy Williams, Polson, 57.84a; (4) Chairoum Tenas, Ronan, 59.43aPR; (5) James Kenelty, Ronan, 59.46aPR; (6) Jace Arca, Arlee, 1:04.20a; (7) Tayre Brown, Charlo, 1:05.00a; (8) Hayden Pierre, Charlo, 1:09.60a; (9) Ridge Barney, Ronan, 1:09.70aPR.

800 Meters: (1) Andrew Rush, Mission, 2:05.10aPR; (2) Drifter Skillicorn, Polson, 2:15.90aPR; (3) Sage Nicolai, Arlee, 2:17.32aPR; (4) Coyle Nagy, Charlo, 2:17.90aSR; (5) Kai McDonald, Polson, 2:21.21a; (6) Hayden Hollow, Charlo, 2:24.71a; (7) Tucker Love, Charlo, 2:25.21aPR; (8) David Bjorge, Polson, 2:25.33aPR.

1600 Meters: (1) Brant Heiner, Ronan, 4:39.61aPR; (2) Michael Irvine, Ronan, 4:42.31a; (3) Mason Sloan, Polson, 4:51.91a; (4) Drifter Skillicorn, Polson, 5:01.22aPR; (5) Hayden Clairmont, Polson, 5:21.33aPR; (6) Tucker Lov, Charlo, 5:21.61aPR; (7) Robert Perez, Polson, 5:33.00a; (8) Hayden Smith, Charlo, 5:44.02a.

3200 Meters:(1) Ryan Dupuis, Polson, 11:26.00a; (2) David Bjorge, Polson, 12:32.00a; (3) Hayden Smith, Charlo, 12:55.01a; (4) Kai Clifford, Polson, 13:35.01aPR; (5) Nicholas Dresen, Ronan, 13:57.02aSR; (6) Landry Leishman, Mission, 14:46.03aPR.

110m Hurdles: (1) Jarrett Wilson, Polson, 16.69aPR; (2) Rj Knoll, Arlee, 19.56aPR; (3) Dustin Mitchell, Mission, 19.65aPR; (4) Garrett O'Conner, Arlee, 22.50a.

300m Hurdles: (1) Colt Crawford, Arlee, 44.45a; (2) Dustin Mitchell, Mission, 47.41a; (3) Kendall O'Neill, Arlee, 47.77aPR; (4) Jake Knoll, Arlee, 58.65a.

4x100 Relay: (1) Polson, 45.33a; (2) Charlo, 48.09a; (3) Arlee, 48.87a.

4x400 Relay: (1) Mission, 3:38.71a; (2) Polson, 3:40.62a; (3) Ronan, 3:48.41a; (4) Charlo, 3:52.51a; (5) Arlee, 3:54.97a.

Shot Put: (1) Dylan Kelch, Ronan, 39-7PR; (2) Tristan Fisher, Ronan, 37-5.5PR; (3) Justin Martinez, Polson, 37-1.5PR; (4) Jesse Richey, Ronan, 36-8PR; (5) Jake Knoll, Arlee, 35.0PR; (6) Jasen Rodda, Ronan, 34-7.5; (7) Max Morency, Ronan, 34-6PR; (8) Stetson Reum, Charlo, 33-3.5; (9) Michael Running Rabbit, Ronan, 32-6.5PR; (10) Devin Quequesah, Ronan, 31-4.5PR.

Discus: (1) Payton Cates, Ronan, 118-0; (2) Jesse Richey, Ronan, 110-9.5PR; (3) Stetson Reum, Charlo, 104-8PR; (4) Justin Martinez, Polson, 99-8PR; (5) Max Morency, Ronan, 94-4PR; (6) Jake Knoll, Arlee, 90-7; (7) Jasen Rodda, Ronan, 90-0PR; (8) Jesse Little Boy, Ronan, 84-2.5PR; (9) Wica Brown, Polson, 83-4.5PR; (10) Garrett O'Conner, Arlee, 82-5PR.

Javelin: (1) Daniel Kelsch, Ronan, 143-5; (2) Tucker Love, Charlo, 138-6.5PR; (3) Kellen McClure, Mission, 127-2.5; (4) Layne Spidel, Mission, 126-10PR; (5) Jayden Rodda, Ronan, 121-8; (6) Jacob Tomlin, Charlo, 118-00; (7) Garrett O'Conner, Arlee, 113-4PR; (8) Dylan Kelch, Ronan, 111-1; (9) Xavier Pierre, Polson, 94-6PR; (10) Stetson Reum, Charlo, 83-10.

High Jump: (1) Payton Cates, Ronan, 6-5PR; (2) Kendall O'Neill, Arlee, 5-6PR; (3) Kai McDonald, Polson, 5-4PR; (4) Canyon Sargent, Mission, 5-2.

Pole Vault: (1) Rj Knoll, Arlee, 10-6PR; (2) Caleb Cheff, Ronan, 9-6PR; (3) Tucker Love, Charlo, 9-0PR; (4) Hayden Hollow, Charlo, 8-0PR; (5) Andrew Knoll, Arlee, 7-6; (6) Tino Silva, Ronan, 7-6PR; (7) Trent RutherFord, Arlee, 7-0PR.

Long Jump: (1) Zarec Couture, Ronan, 20-2.5PR; (2) Austin Luper, Polson, 19-6.75SR; (3) Charles Adams, Mission, 19-3.5PR; (4) Lucas Targerson, Polson, 19-0.25; (5) Caleb Cheff, Ronan, 18-7.5PR; (6) Kendall O'Neill, Arlee, 18-5.25PR; (7) Jarrett Wilson, Polson, 18-4.25; (8) Drifter Skillicorn, Polson, 17-10.5PR; (9) Daniel Kelsch, Ronan, 17-9PR; (10) Tayre Brown, Charlo, 17-2.5PR.

Triple Jump: (1) Zarec Couture, Ronan, 40-7PR; (2) Braydon Zempel, Charlo, 37-6; (3) Charles Adams, Mission, 35-7; (4) Jordan Gatch, Ronan, 34-2PR; (5) Dallas Swab, Arlee, 33-4; (6) Hayden Hollow, Charlo, 32-7PR; (7) Tucker Brown, Arlee, 32-3PR; (8) Tino Silva, Ronan, 32-1PR; (9) Wendall Charlo, Ronan, 31-2.5.


Team Scores: 1, Polson 154; 2, Ronan 124; 3, Charlo 78; 4, Arlee 60; 5, Mission 24

100 Meters: (1) Carlee Fryberger, Charlo, 12.88a; (2) Adalyn Jacobson, Arlee, 13.49aPR; (3) Michelle Dale, Polson, 13.68aPR; (4) Hannah Simpson, Polson, 14.12aPR; (5) Princess Bolen, Arlee, 14.53aPR; (6) Hallie Moss, Polson, 14.57aSR; (7) Jase Frost, Ronan, 14.61aPR; (8) Mackinly Corrigan, Polson, 14.72aSR.

200 Meters: (1) Carlee Fryberger, Charlo, 26.90a; (2) Adalyn Jacobson, Arlee, 27.92aPR; (3) Hannah Simpson, Polson, 29.34aPR; (4) Michelle Dale, Polson, 29.50a; (5) Alexandra Dupuis, Polson, 30.42aPR; (6) Raven Parson, Arlee, 30.51a; (7) Hallie Moss, Polson, 30.66aSR; (8) Princess Bolen, Arlee, 31.06aPR; (9) Shalayne Ostler, Polson, 31.98aPR.

400 Meters: (1) Ashtyn Wagner, Polson, 1:07.51aPR; (2) Hannah Simpson, Polson, 1:09.34a; (3) Raven Parson, Arlee, 1:09.41a; (4) Aida Cote, Charlo, 1:09.82a; (5) Taleah Hernandez, Polson, 1:10.96a; (6) Alexandra Dupuis, Polson, 1:11.21aPR; (7) Kylee Seifert, Polson, 1:11.67a.

800 Meters: (1) Halle Heninger, Polson, 2:43.06aSR; (2) Taleah Hernandez, Polson, 2:52.75a; (3) Kaona Trahan, Ronan, 3:01.14aSR; (4) Guinevere Contreras, Charlo, 3:01.55a; (5) Aubrey Sharbono, Charlo, 3:16.35aPR.

1600 Meters: (1) Olivia Heiner, Ronan, 6:00.01a; (2) Adison Carlson, Polson, 6:03.03a; (3) Isabel Seeley, Polson, 6:25.44aPR; (4) Maddilyn Huffine, Polson, 6:29.55a; (5) Guinevere Contreras, Charlo, 6:43.71a.

3200 Meters: (1) Ashtyn Wagner, Polson, 13:02.02a.

100m Hurdles: (1) Michelle Dale, Polson, 19.40aPR; (2) Harli Kinney, Arlee, 22.92a.

4x100 Relay: (1) Ronan, 53.98a; (2) Polson, 54.72a; (3) Charlo, 1:02.02a.

4x400 Relay: (1) Ronan, 4:30.72a; (2) Polson, 4:43.10a; (3) Charlo, 5:06.08a.

Shot Put: (1) Rylie Lindquist, Ronan, 31-10PR; (2) Jaylea Lunceford, Ronan, 31-2PR; (3) Kyla Tomlin, Charlo, 30-1; (4) Halle Adams, Arlee, 29-6.5SR; (5) Trinity Bell, Polson, 26-5.25PR; (6) Anna Sponable, Polson, 25-9; (7) Jessica Shenyer, Charlo, 24-0.

Discus: (1) Rylie Lindquist, Ronan, 96-00PR; (2) Aida Cote, Charlo, 90-.5; (3) Trinity Bell, Polson, 85-0; (4) Jaylea Lunceford, Ronan, 84-5.5; (5) Jessica Shenyer, Charlo, 77-10PR; (6) Halle Adams, Arlee, 75-2.

Javelin: (1) Rylie Lindquist, Ronan, 106-0PR; (2) Kyla Tomlin, Charlo, 87-3.5; (3) Mackinly Corrigan, Polson, 65-3PR; (4) Anna Sponable, Polson, 61-2; (5) Trinity Bell, Polson, 60-2PR; (6) Karli Owens, Polson, 59-9PR.

High Jump: (1) Lindsey Brooks, Ronan, 5-00PR; (2) Sydney Brander, Mission, 4-8; (3) Adalyn Jacobson, Arlee, 4-6PR; (4) Leina Ulutoa, Ronan, 4-4; (5) Jase Frost, Ronan, 4-2PR; (6) Maddilyn Huffine, Polson, 4-2.

Pole Vault: (1) Taleah Hernandez, Polson, 6-6; (2) Alexandra Dupuis, Polson, 6-6; (3) Harli Kinney, Arlee, 6-0. Long Jump: (1) Sydney Brander, Mission, 16-7PR; (2) Leina Ulutoa, Ronan, 14-10PR; (3) Raven Parson, Arlee, 14-9; (4) Hallie Moss, Polson, 14-5PR; (5) Olivia Clairmont, Ronan, 14-5.5SR; (6) Kylee Seifert, Polson, 13-7.75PR; (7) Jase Frost, Ronan, 13-6.5PR; (8) Adalyn Jacobson, Arlee, 13-5.5.

Triple Jump: (1) Carlee Fryberger, Charlo, 34-11.5SR; (2) Leina Ulutoa, Ronan, 33-5.5; (3) Sydney Brander, Mission, 33-2.5; (4) Isabelle Pape, Arlee, 31-3.5PR; (5) Katie Dolence, Ronan, 29-10PR.


Colt Crawford of Arlee leads the pack during a 100 meters heat Thursday at Ronan. (Scot Heisel/Lake County Leader)


Charlo's Carlee Fryberger leads the field during the girls 100 meters Thursday at Ronan. (Scot Heisel/Lake County Leader)


Lucas Targerson of Polson leans for the win in the boys 100 meters next to second-place finisher Charles Adams of Mission. Targerson ran the event in 11.48 seconds, while Adams came in at 11.56. (Courtesy of Bob Gunderson)


Mission freshman Jordann Singer launches the javelin Thursday during the Lake County meet at Ronan. (Scot Heisel/Lake County Leader)


Garrett O'Conner of Arlee prepares to launch the discus Thursday at Ronan. (Scot Heisel/Lake County Leader)