Tuesday, November 30, 2021

August marriages

| September 2, 2021 10:53 AM

Tyler Daniel Hildreth and Julie Trista Duffie

Jarell Jeffrey Hunt and Alexandra Lee Dixon

Bryon Matt Miller and Natasha Jade Dick

Keith James Hertel and Brenda Jean Parnell

Trevor A. Wadsworth and Kelsie Marlene Jones

Sarah Marie Loehr and Kurtis Tyler Stamp

Jason Michael Hoyt and Anita Christina Coates

Randall James Funke and Amanda L. Bertelson

Hayden Allen Congdon and Dylan Renee Quinn

Andrew R. Wheeler and Hannah Guinevere Getz

Zachary Bone and Carli Rae Beckett

Benjamin N. Larcombe and Katherine Paige Brown

Emily Shay Cooper and Michael Ryan Pablo

Esther B. Fletcher and Jediah Eleazar Tromp

Mackenzie Lynn Clay and Austin Thomas Von Tom

Jaclyn Michele Califra and Robert M. Gorman

Clint G. Henriksen and Tiffani M. Kinaman

Katherine Maxine Swan and Maxwell A. Toland

Maxine Taylor Stern and jake Zeeben Bos

Julian C. Gallegos and Monica M. Cleveland

Eric Cody Moulton and Kelly Christine Reum

Cody James Schueler and Kiley Jordan Anderson

Dillon Jene Kunz and Sierra Desa Christian