Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Autocracy vs. democracy

| December 15, 2022 12:00 AM

Having Donald Trump 'front and center' in the news these past years has offered and continues to offer a marvelous opportunity for our nation. We are experiencing a strong taste of autocracy vs. democracy. It's time to "Wake up America."

Our media keeps talking about how many people are loyal to Trump. They are not necessarily loyal to the man, but they are loyal to his thinking. This thought system is based on fear, the self, anger, attack, and blaming others for the negative experiences in life.

We constantly are reading and hearing about the manifestations of our negative human thinking. We need to be reading and hearing about the effective answer to this. The answer is the choice we each have for accepting and activating a thought system based on love and its positive manifestations. These include peaceful motivations, listening skills, forgiveness, harmony, and seeking sensible solutions.

Yes, there is definitely an answer to this and our thinking makes it so. Each of us humans have been created with the God-given ability to choose how we think, speak, and act. This takes practice, and 'practice makes perfect'.

Bob McClellan


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