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Letters to the Editor: Book bans belie nation’s ideals

| February 24, 2022 12:15 AM

Book bans belie nation’s ideals

You would expect that a country that prides itself on the freedoms it affords to not limit freedom of thought, but that is exactly what’s happening with this current fad of banning certain books and revising historical education — and, ironically, the people who cry the loudest about freedom are the ones behind this push. They say that these books and lesson plans poison children’s minds and cause them shame and resentment in their forefathers and country; they say that children are being taught to hate America.

Facing the past honestly doesn’t breed hate. Awareness doesn’t breed hate. Perspective doesn’t breed hate. What does breed hate? Narrowmindedness, misinformation and blind devotion. There are many of us who know history and acknowledge different viewpoints who nevertheless still love our country because, despite knowing her low points, we know the heights she’s capable of reaching.

Broad perspective makes good citizens who acknowledge truth, are inclusive and are forward-thinking. By banning books and limiting the teaching of historical context, you’re not raising good citizens; you’re raising sheep, which I was led to believe was a bad thing.

Banning books and limiting truth is un-American.

— David Salet, Arlee

An exceptional staff

My nephew has been a client of Mission Mountain Enterprises (MME) since 2008. Over the years our family has attended many MME events. Each and every time I have been impressed by the quality of staff.

On Friday, Feb 11, my nephew invited me to attend the Valentines party at the Ronan Activity Center. When I entered the building, I was immediately approached by a staff member asking me how they could help me, and I replied that my nephew had invited me to the party.

When my nephew arrived, I met him in the kitchen. He immediately introduced me to some of his friends and the staff. While they were preparing lunch, I had a chance to see the staff in action. While there are more clients than staff, it was obvious to me how intertwined staff are and how supportive they are of each other. An example is when a female client needed assistance for something other than getting across the room, a male staff member would ask a female staff member to help, and they would freely assist or take over.

They say it takes a village to raise a child; in this case the village is a limited number of eager, respectful, supportive, attentive and committed individuals who make up the MME staff.

They are unsung heroes who work with every realm of persons with every type of disability. I was never prouder than to see my nephew is in the hands of these talented and very capable individuals.

— Doug Fry, Polson

All opinions should be welcome

We have long been liberal democrats, and we applaud state Sen. Theresa Manzella and U.S. Sen. Steve Daines for speaking out against vaccine mandates and for freedom of speech. The highly effective mandate and vaccine marketing campaign promulgated in mainstream media seems to benefit not the health or welfare of the general public, but pharmaceutical companies. The “free press” isn’t so free anymore, eroding trust in the news, specifically, and government in general.

In this freedom of speech country of ours, we have had an expectation of diversity of opinion in media. Instead, today, out of fear of reprisal, those who would speak up on an issue opt to remain silent. And those who do, find their words censored. Many of our friends, liberal to conservative, including health professionals, tell us they’re in this exact situation. And in Canada, protesting truckers are threatened with frozen bank accounts.

We challenge the media to have enough respect for their readership to offer unbiased reporting on more than one side of an issue which information readers can then use to come to their own decision.

— Judy Preston, Ronan, and Anais Starr, Polson

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