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Letters to the editor July 21

| July 21, 2022 12:00 AM

Get out and support Polson’s local theater

I was sad to see how few people were attending the Port Polson Players’ performance of the “Home Games” last night. To those who didn’t it attend, you still have time to go this coming weekend July 21- 24.

The production was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! It is a heartwarming story about a father and daughter’s relationship with a baseball theme.

Anna Lewing Loehrke came back to Polson to perform and direct this play with her father, Neal Lewing. Neal and Karen Lewing are a dedicated dynamic duo who have for years given Polson the lovely gift of live theatre. The three-character play is nicely rounded out by Eric Donvan.

I can’t say enough about the casts’ superb acting. I’m always impressed with how the small theatre team puts together such perfect settings for the plays on a small stage.

Anna, thanks for coming back for a visit and giving your time to Polson. Your parents must be so proud of you.

Come on Polson, help keep live theatre here in town!

— Suz Rittenhouse, Polson

Southern border policy a public health threat

Since President Joe Biden was inaugurated, more than 2 million foreign nationals from 160 countries have crossed our southern border illegally, including 23 known terrorists last year (that we know of), and hundreds of thousands more this year.

This immigrant influx has created significant public health problems for American citizens. The immigrants are housed in crowded unsanitary facilities hidden from the public, are untested for the COVID-19 virus and unvaccinated for any infectious diseases (what happened to the mandate?).

The immigrants are transported surreptitiously to various locations across the U.S., at billions in taxpayer expense, creating a “super-spreader” scenario without the knowledge of the local citizens. Convicted felons and gang members are routinely released into the country. Crossing the southern border can also be hazardous for the immigrants: over 700 have died in the attempt.

Because Biden’s open border policy has overwhelmed Border Patrol resources, only 40% of personnel are available for enforcement activities, affecting every state adversely. Nine criminal cartels in Mexico, supported by the Chinese Communist Party, have greatly expanded their drug and human trafficking to every state in the country due to lack of border enforcement. Fentanyl, a potent and deadly synthetic opioid is manufactured in China, shipped to Mexico, combined with other weaker opioids and distributed and sold to unsuspecting drug users in the entire U.S.

The result has been predictable and devastating: over 100,000 drug overdose deaths last year, including 63 in Montana, the leading cause of death in 18–30-year-old in the U.S.

This crisis is facilitated by the president’s border policy, yet he, DHS Secretary Majorcas and Vice President Harris (who is supposed to be in charge of the border) have repeatedly denied there is a problem and lied to the American people about what is happening.

Likewise, the mainstream media is ignoring one of the biggest tragedies in our nation’s history.

Democrats in Congress have done nothing to alleviate this public health threat. They don’t seem to care about the terrible impact on the people of this country. \

This is a direct violation of their oath of office to protect citizens of the US. They all should be held accountable to the thousands of grieving families who have lost loved ones to this tragedy, and should be replaced in their offices as soon as possible.

— Philip L. Barney, Polson

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