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Letters to the editor June 16

| June 16, 2022 12:00 AM

Energy hog coming to town

A bitcoin mining company is planning to build a new 50-megawatt data center in Polson and Energy Keepers (a CSKT corporation) is contracting to supply hydropower from the Salish-Kootenai Dam (formerly Kerr Dam).

This huge operation will use 25% of the power that the dam generates, or the same amount of power to supply over 35,000 homes. Let that sink in.

It will also generate noise that sounds like a huge plane taking off 24/7. Ask the Missoula County Commissioners about their negative experience with a bitcoin mining company that set up shop in Bonner.

This company will produce no products or provide any services. The county commissioners, Polson city manager, and Mission Valley Power were not even consulted about this company moving in. They all read about it in the papers like myself.

This is pathetic.

Tester, Daines, Gianforte and the CSKT were all in on it but failed to even give anyone a heads up on what they were working on. Why the secrecy?

Mission Valley Power gets part of their power from the dam via one year contracts. With this new energy hog consuming 25% of the dam’s output, what will that mean to our power rates skyrocketing, because MVP may have to go elsewhere for that power?

Evidently Energy Keepers is more concerned about supplying power to a huge out-of-state corporation than the citizens of Lake County.

Right now our country is hurting for electric power because of the closing of coal powered plants, electric cars needing power, more homes being built, etc. They are already warning of rolling power outages for parts of the country over the next years, yet the power from our local dam will be used for a company that produces nothing or worth to anyone in the state of Montana, except a few jobs.

It’s not worth the cost of throwing all that power down a black hole.I hope someone takes this on and organizes a huge opposition to this pathetic waste of hydropower.

— John Meinders, St. Ignatius

Memorial Day thanks

We would like to express our appreciation to the American Legion, the VFW and the Honor Guard for their part in honoring our fallen heroes this Memorial Day Weekend in Ronan.

From placing the flags and crosses on the graves, to the parade, to their part in acquiring a veteran’s plot in the Ronan cemetery, and to the service dedicating that space. Thank you for your hard work and your commitment to assuring that we shall not forget the sacrifices made for our freedom.

We are proud that you all are part of our community, Thank you for your service.

— Gary and Norma Granley

It's about control

I have been reading the responses to my abortion letter and must say it seems to be the major concern is control.

Women were given all the control they needed the day the birth control pill went on the market. Now women could plan their lives as to when they wanted a child.

Where was no need for abortion laws because there would be no unwanted pregnancies. Of course they do have to take the pill.

And the argument that who will support the unwanted child is a complete cop out. There are people waiting in line with loving arms to adopt.

Abortion is being used as birth control and there is no excuse for it. Rape, incest and health issues for the woman are addressed in the law.

I refuse to apologize or justify my christian faith.

Every time there is an unwanted pregnancy, women have lost control. They could have taken the pill, been in control of their own bodies, and not be faced with the abortion decision.

— Gloria Mader Simon

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