Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Kettle, stop calling the pot black

| November 10, 2022 12:00 AM

The Supreme Court is now up to its eyebrows in Season 2 of the hit Trump show “The Insurrectionists: No longer The Apprentices.” Congress has problems. Twitter just took a hard right-hand turn to nowhere and the driver is too darn rich and powerful to be the only one with the keys. Hate speech is not free.

Kettle, stop calling the pot black and make soup instead. Hold a bipartisan Thanks to this place we love and our neighbors and friends. Let’s again find some common ground we can team up on! Let's make it easier to vote and harder to get a gun. Let's get women's reproductive rights codified into the law, protecting everyone's bedroom from government overreach.

Dark money is behind gerrymandering and election laws that hurt minorities. Let’s get some campaign finance reform going and also codify the Voting Rights Act.

Our right to a future without climate collapse is being outshouted by big oil and their record profits which have caused most of our inflation.

We have the power to be heard. But a divided Congress is the hardest way to do it. We need reasonable people there who will work together.

Republicans need to clean up what the elephant has done in the living room and stop being so Fascist. The U.S. is a shining example for Democracy so let’s get back to work on that. Let’s remember the Golden Rule. Even China has drawn a line on war. Let’s Love one another as we find our way forward.

Debbie Jakovac


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