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Candidates no-shows in Voter Guide

by Kathleen Farmer, Polson
| October 13, 2022 12:00 AM

The Missoulian published a Voter Guide for 2022 on October 9, 2022, that provided at look at Montana’s Legislative candidates. Each candidate in several western Montana counties was asked to provide a brief bio as well as answer the same five questions. This information gives us, the voters information about our candidates’ background and insight into how they might vote while in office.

As I am from Lake County I was interested in the candidates in those districts. Suprisingly, Linda Reksten, the Republican candidate for House District 12, and Joe Read, the Republican candidate for House District 93, both did not respond to the questionnaire. Conversely Shirley Azzopardi, the Democratic candidate for House District 93, and Sterling Laudon, the Democrat for House District 12, replied to the questionnaires.

Since these two Republican candidates provide no information, I have no idea about their qualifications and background for the job. Therefore, I must assume that they are not as qualified as their opponent.

Candidates who want our votes should, at the very least, answer questions posed to them. If they cannot answer questions as candidates, how should we expect that they will be responsive and serve our interests when they are in office?

Kathleen Farmer


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