Friday, March 24, 2023

We could use a little Cowboy Logic

| February 23, 2023 12:00 AM

I have been reading and listening to the issue of homelessness for a few weeks.

Cowboy Logic believes there is a simple solution to just about everything, so here goes:

How about a simple application process with questions like, but not limited to:

Are you currently employed but homeless?

Are you willing to submit to a drug test? If so, are you willing to enter a “free” rehab center?

Are you willing to accept employment if offered?

Are you unable to work? If so, why?

Are you willing to submit to a background check for a history of aggression, abuse (physical), violence, etc.?

I realize these are difficult questions and although I have never been homeless, I did at one point visit a welfare facility and was so embarrassed and ashamed I left and vowed to take the first and any job available regardless of pay. My first job was cleaning septic tanks by hand; second, dish-washing; third, custodian.

I gave been married over 40 years and have three wonderful young men (thanks to my wife).

Cowboy Logic also says you may give in but never give up.

Gerry Ouellette


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