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Stolen pallets, pig smoochers, and the oldest Courier subscriber

| March 16, 2023 12:00 AM

From Lake County Leader, March 19, 1992

Candidates on tap

Four Gubernatorial candidates are on tap for the annual Agriculture Appreciation Day dinner at the Ronan Community Center Friday. Congressman Ron Marlenee has also made tentative plans to attend the event.

Republican Marc Racicot and Democratic challengers Frank Morrison, Mike McGrath and Mike Halligan (Dorothy Bradley’s running mate) will give brief speeches and take questions from the audience after the banquet.

Racicot will also appear at the Pondera Restaurant in Polson for a public no-host gathering Friday.

Pallets pilfered

Police officers in Ronan are on the lookout for missing pallets – about 70 of them – that disappeared from Wood’s Farm and Garden over the weekend.

Police Chief Dennis Gardner says the wooden pallets were apparently heisted Friday and Saturday nights. Their disappearance could cost store owner Don Wood approximately $500.

Gardner invites anyone who may have seen a pickup laden with pallets to call the police department. Sources say the stolen goods went to a large juvenile party and were used to fuel a bonfire, he added.

Officers are also investigating a weekend break-in at Ronan High School. Culprits entered the principal’s office via a broken window and stole several items from his desk.

Pig lips beckon

Eight pairs of lips are practicing their pucker in St. Ignatius in preparation for the upcoming “Kiss-a-Pig” election April 4.

Rod Arlint, Ray Harbin, Ken Hurt, Kay Krantz, Stuart Morton, Dick Mutterer, LaVonne Olmstead and Dick Pinsoneault have all volunteered to let the public “elect” one of them to the position of swine smoocher. Each vote costs a dollar.

The contest, sponsored by the St. Ignatius Ambulance Service, is the second in a series of fundraisers to purchase an ambulance. The volunteer group currently has $6,000 towards the $70,000 needed for a new emergency vehicle.

From Flathead Courier, March 13, 1952

Chit Chat

Mrs. Thomas Walker of Proctor has invented a surefire way of keeping ducks and geese away from grain stacks. She placed two upright poles near the stack with a cross bar between; to this bar she attached Kerr jar lids that fluttered in the wind. The fowl were not afraid of scarecrows, but the lids got rid of them. When they swooped in for a landing they veered away quickly. Mrs. Walker has not been bothered since.

Pneumonia and chilling are causing heavy losses to the calf crop in Lake County, according to reports in the weekly weather and crop bulletin from Helena. Heavy losses are also reported from some of the sheep flocks. Measures are being taken to check this trouble, which has resulted from the wet and cold weather conditions.

Charles Grenier, one of the oldest subscribers to the Courier, renewed his subscription last week. He has been taking the paper since the first issue, April 14, 1910. There are not many of the original subscribers still living. The Courier appreciates this fine support from the citizens of Lake County.

Preliminary surveys are now in progress on Highway No. 93, west and north of the bridge. The survey will continue to within a quarter of a mile of Big Arm. Reconstruction work and revamping of this section of the road is now being planned by the Highway Department, and proposed routing will be decided after the survey has been completed.

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