Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Highway project adds rumble strips on 93

| May 11, 2023 12:00 AM

In yet another Highway 93 project, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) is teaming up with HighMark Traffic Services to install rumble strips between the Interstate 90 Wye Interchange and Big Arm.

Strips will be added to portions of U.S. 93 south of Evaro near the BuckSnort Steakhouse, north of Ashley River Rd. to just south of Timberlane Rd. between St. Ignatius and Ronan, and north of Polson from Wilderness Valley Rd. toward Melita Island Rd. Work began May 8 and will take approximately six weeks to complete.

According to a press release from MDT, all construction will take place at night to reduce traffic delays. Throughout construction, traffic will be reduced to one lane through project areas and drivers will be directed using flaggers and lights.

Rumble strips are grooves in the pavement that produce a rumbling noise and vibration when a driver goes over the strip and have proven effective in lowering the number of highway fatalities. In addition, rumble strips are a low-cost, high impact safety measure that also help drivers navigate in low-visibility winter months.

“Rumble strips are an effective safety feature to add on well-traveled highways like U.S. 93,” said MDT construction engineer John Schmidt, who added that crews will try to ensure “minimal delays occur during construction.”

Expect delays at Glover Road

In partnership with Riverside Contracting, MDT began work on Glover Road and Highway 93 on Monday, May 15.

Guardrail and signage will be added to the curves on Glover Road at the canal crossing. A yellow flashing light will be installed for eastbound vehicles to alert travelers of the roadway curves and canal bridge. These additions are intended to enhance safety and help prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway.

Driver access will be reduced to one-lane with controlled signals.

Pavement preservation work extends from just north of Ronan to north of Pablo, ending at the intersection of U.S. 93 with Minesinger Trail. Crews will be setting up initial traffic control next week.

Ultimately, this project will include crack-, chip- and fog-sealing the pavement by adding thin layers of asphalt to the roadway and portions of the Minesinger shared-use path to enhance its longevity. Updated pavement markings and signage will also be installed.

Drivers can anticipate 10 – 15 minute delays when traveling through the work zone.

Text message updates are available; to sign up text GLOVERSAFETY to 41411.

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