Polson spikers split; Charlo remains undefeated

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  • Kaitlin Cox accounted for 24 kills in the Lady Vikings’ four-set win over Hot Springs.

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    Polson sophomore Maggie Todd drills the ball past an attempted block by Sarah Nalls (10) and Prestley Robinson (8) of Stevensville during last Thursday’s home match. The Yellow Jackets won the match. (Bob Gunderson/Lake County Leader)

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    Charlo’s Teaira Truman (3) goes up against McKennzie Cannon (13) of Hot Springs during last Saturday’s match at Hot Springs. The Lady Vikings stayed undefeated with a four-set win over the Lady Savage Heat. (Joe Sova photos/Lake County Leader)

  • Kaitlin Cox accounted for 24 kills in the Lady Vikings’ four-set win over Hot Springs.

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    Polson sophomore Maggie Todd drills the ball past an attempted block by Sarah Nalls (10) and Prestley Robinson (8) of Stevensville during last Thursday’s home match. The Yellow Jackets won the match. (Bob Gunderson/Lake County Leader)

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    Charlo’s Teaira Truman (3) goes up against McKennzie Cannon (13) of Hot Springs during last Saturday’s match at Hot Springs. The Lady Vikings stayed undefeated with a four-set win over the Lady Savage Heat. (Joe Sova photos/Lake County Leader)

Lady Pirates capture conference clash; stung by Yellowjackets

Polson earned a split in its midweek volleyball fare last week, getting a four-set win over Browning before a loss in four sets to Stevensville.

First on their agenda was the securing of a tough conference road win over the Browning Lady Indians — as their hitters evaded a formidable pair of 6-foot plus middle hitters at the net. The Lady Pirates had Maggie Todd and Olivia Perez collaborate upon more than two dozen spikes, while Mikaela DuCharme and Misty Tenas were not far behind by combining for a dozen-and-a-half kills.

At home, the Lady Pirates were stung at the net by the pesky Lady Yellowjackets of Stevensville. The bookend sets were won handily by their visitors, but the middle sets were tightly contested. The third set would dip into extras, tilting in favor of Polson.

The early going seesawed back and forth until Stevi edged ahead 9-6. A Paige Noyes service ace would knot the score at nine apiece. A quartet of ties would follow before a Jacket service error followed by an Olivia Perez kill would force a Stevensville timeout at 16-14.

Back-to-back Jacket kills would force a Polson timeout at 17-16. Thereafter, the match would teeter totter back and forth among a half dozen more ties before Todd and Perez combined for the deciding game winning spikes. But in the end, Stevensville consistency would prevail over Lady Pirate efforts.

The Lady Pirates will have already honored their seniors on Senior Night against Columbia Falls on Tuesday, then travel to the Missoula County Invitational where Western AA and A teams will play in a tournament format in preparation for the postseason.

Stevensville def. Polson 3-1

NWA Polson (4-9), SWA Stevi (10-2)

Stevi def. Polson 25-11, 25-20, 24-26, 25-11

KILLS – S46 (Prestley Robinson 10, Angel Richards 9), P34 (Mikaela DuCharme 8, Maggie Todd 7, Grace Quinones 5, Paige Noyes 4, Misty Tenas 4, Olivia Perez 4, McGuinness 2). ACES – S10 (Robinson 3), P5 (DesJarlais, DuCharme, Noyes, Quinones, Todd). ASSISTS – S40 (Quinn Larson 29, Maddie Weber 9), P28 (Shea McGuinness 24, Noyes 4). BLOCKS – S9 (Angel Richards 3, Kylie Alfred 2, Sarah Nalls 2), P8 (DuCharme 4BS, Perez 2BS, Quinones 1BS, Tenas 1BS). DIGS – S69 (Cassi Kopsa17, Robinson 11), P66 (Kaylanna DesJarlais 18, Quinones 14, McGuinness 10, Noyes 9, Karly Lawson 7, Perez 4, DuCharme 2, Perez, Todd). (Th11Oct18) P14tae, P13se, P7be

Polson def. Browning 3-1

Polson (3-6nwa, 4-8), Browning (0-8, 1-10)

Polson def. Browning 25-21, 22-25, 25-23, 25-21

KILLS – P51 (Maggie Todd 17, Olivia Perez 10, Mikaela DuCharme 9, Misty Tenas 9, Noyes 3, McGuinness, DesJarlais, Quinones), B41 (Dulci Skunkcap 16, Tamika Guardipee 11). ACES – P8 (Noyes 2, DuCharme 2, Kaylanna DesJarlais 2, Grace Quinones, Todd), B6 (Caelin Guardipee 5). ASSISTS – P41 (Shea McGuinness 36, Noyes 4, DuCharme), B31 (Hailey Bullshoe 20). BLOCKS – P3 (Ducharme 2, Perez), B9 (Skunkcap 6½). DIGS – P94 (DuCharme 23, DesJarlais 18, McGuinness 10, Quinones 10, Tenas 10, Noyes 8, Todd 8, Perez 3, Karly Lawson 3, Ara Mercer), B65 (Payton Crossguns 23, Bullshoe 13). (Tu09Oct18) P19tae, P8se, P2be

Maidens get win over Frenchtown

At Frenchtown last Tuesday, the Ronan Maidens saddled the Lady Broncs of Frenchtown in a nonconference matchup.

The M&M Maiden mayhem of Madison Clairmont and Madeline McCrea made their presence felt at the net with Clairmont putting down a dozen kills and McCrea snuffing a trio of blocks.

Coach Charla Lake commented that the hustle plays kept the game exciting.

“Rylie Lindquist had some amazing digs, showing a lot of heart running down a ball that looked impossible to retrieve. Tiana Ulutoa again showing her leadership skills, dictating (the tempo of) the game.

”Our team is playing together a little better every game, helping us work towards our goal of peaking at the right time,” Lake said.

But the encounter with the then undefeated league leading Lady Loggers of Libby would yield less favorable results as their pair of 6-footers wreaked havoc with the Maiden attack while exploiting the height advantage of their talented talls.

Ronan will have already played a cross-classification clash with Mission, then hosts Browning on Thursday, Oct. 18, for their regular-schedule finale.

Libby def. Ronan 3-0

Ronan (2-7nwa, 5-9), Libby (10-0nwa, 13-0)

Libby def. Ronan 25-12, 25-18, 25-15

KILLS – L44 (Mehki Sykes 16), R (Madison Clairmont 5). ACES – L8 (Jayden Winslow 3), R2 (M.Clairmont, Kiana King).

ASSISTS – L37 (Alli Collins 37), R10 (Tiana Ulutoa 10). BLOCKS – L4 (Mehki Sykes 2), R5 (Madeline McCrea 2½).

DIGS – L40 (Winslow 15), R38 (Rylie Lindquist 16). (Th11Oct18)

Ronan def. Frenchtown 3-1

NWA Ronan (5-8), SWA Frenchtown (1-12)

Ronan def. Frenchtown 25-20, 25-11, 26-24, 25-20

KILLS – R35 (Madison Clairmont 12), F25 (Jessie Willis 10). ACES – R8 (Madeline McCrea 3), F14 (Willis 5). ASSISTS – R26 (Tiana Ulutoa 26), F20 (Maddy Eggars 12). BLOCKS – R4 (McCrea 3½), F2 (two with one). DIGS – R52 (Ulutoa 19), F52 (Taylor Garren 17). (Tu09Oct18)

Western B VB

Lady Bulldogs take tandem

Home cooking proved to be an agreeable formula while the letter V in VB stood for victory this past week as the Mission Lady Bulldogs went two of three on their compacted schedule.

Mission pulled out a nail-biter against the Thompson Falls Lady Bluehawks that extended deep into a fifth set. Mission played perennial powerhouse Loyola tight, but the visiting Breakers would prevail in straight sets.

The “three’s a charm” matchup over the weekend was against the visiting Lady Trojans of Troy. The Lady Bulldogs took the bookends handily, but went deep into extras to pull out the middle set.

Mission will have already played a cross-classification clash with Ronan, then hosts the visiting Lady Lions of Lincoln County on Saturday.

Mission def. Troy 3-0

6B Mission (5-9), 7B Troy ( )

Mission def. Troy 25-14, 29-27, 25-14

KILLS – T16 (Ella Pierce 6), M34 (Sydney Brander 11). ACES – T7 (Katelyn Tallmadge 3), M19 (Addison Arlint 9).

ASSISTS – T12 (Annie Day 12), M34 (Hunter Eichert 34). BLOCKS – T1 (Ella Pierce), M3 (Hunter Eichert, Afton Brander, Addison Arlint). DIGS – T40 (Annie Day 10), M63 (Caitlyn Sorrell 24). (Sa13Oct18)

Loyola def. Mission 3-0

Mission (0-6 6B, 4-9)

Loyola def. Mission 25-22, 25-22, 25-19

KILLS – L18 (Sam Clevenger 6), M22 (Addison Arlint 9). ACES – L3 (Carly Tipp 2), M3 (Afton Brander 2).

ASSISTS – L14 (Molly McHugh 12), M22 (Hunter Eichert 21). BLOCKS –L4 (Avery Medeiros 3), M9 (Addison Arlint 9). DIGS – L57 (Megan Tribble 15), M73 (Caitlyn Sorrell 18). (Th11Oct18)

Mission def. Thompson Falls 3-2

6B Mission (4-8), 7B T.Falls ( )

Mission def. T.Falls 18-25, 25-15, 24-26, 25-13, 15-12

KILLS – TF42 (Brooke Bowlin 13), M43 (Karolyna Buck 18). ACES – TF7 (Brooke Bowlin 3), M16 (Azia Umphrey 4).

ASSISTS – TF35 (Riley Wilson 34), M43 (Hunter Eichert 42). BLOCKS – TF9 (Jody Detlaff 5), M8 (Afton Brander 4). DIGS – TF58 (Scarlette Schwindt 13), M96 (Caitlyn Sorrell 25). (Tu09Oct18)

Western C VB

Lady V’s vanquish Vals, dial back Heat

The Charlo Lady Vikings perpetuated their undefeated season with a pair of road victories last week during which they may have faced their biggest challenges thus far this season.

In a cross-classification clash with the 7B Bigfork Valkyries for Nordic mascot bragging rights, the District 14C Lady Vikings kept the momentum moving in their favor with a 3-1 win.

Later in the week, Charlo faced an additional challenge beyond that of their hot-handed host Lady Savage Heat of Hot Springs in having to reconfigure their roster on account of some absences among their ordinary lineup.

The Lady Vikings dropped their first set, but were able to regroup to sweep the next three to capture the match and preserve their pristine perch among the conference standings.

Charlo came close to doubling up their opponents in spike ratio as Kaitlin Cox hammered home more than 40 kills over the course of the two matches.

Defensive digs on the floor and block busters at the net proved to be key components in both wins, while additional kudos belong to coach Rhondell Volinkaty for keeping her team focused on the tasks at hand — despite detrimental distractions.

Charlo will have already faced Noxon in the final week of the regular schedule, then hosts Arlee in a cross-county conference clash on Thursday, Oct. 18.


Charlo def. Hot Springs 3-1

Charlo (8-0 14C, 14-0)

Charlo def. Hot Springs 20-25, 25-22, 25-12, 25-22

KILLS – C41 (Kaitlin Cox 24), HS22 (Katelyn Christensen 9). ACES – C17 (Kira McPhail 5), HS6 (McKennzie Cannon 3).

ASSISTS – C40 (Teaira Truman 39), HS17 (Sydney Jackson 15). BLOCKS – C7 (Liev Smith 2), HS21 (Cannon 11). DIGS – C61 (Kaitlin Cox 19), HS67 (Cannon 18). (Sa13Oct18)

Charlo def. Bigfork 3-1

14C Charlo (13-0), 7B Bigfork

Charlo def. Bigfork 25-16 25-22 23-25 25-19

KILLS – C48 (Kaitlin Cox 19), B21 (Josephine Howlett 7). ACES – C9 (Cox 4), B9 (Jaclyn Saunders 3, Juniper Johnson 3).

ASSISTS – C46 (Teaira Truman 38), B17 (Aubrey Halverson 15). BLOCKS – C4 (Teaira Truman 3), B2 (Jessica Frey 2). DIGS – C94 (Cox 15, Carlee Fryberger 15), B58 (Jaclyn Saunders 18). (Tu09Oct18)

Arlee def. Noxon 3-1

The Arlee Scarlets honored their quintet of seniors on Senior Night against Noxon on Saturday.

Nellie Desjarlais, Noelle West, Sydni Tomi Brazill, and Louetta Conko-Camel played their last match on their home court. Details were unavailable prior to press deadline.

Hot Springs def. Arlee 3-2

Hot Springs def. Arlee 25-23, 22-25, 19-25, 25-23, 15-11

KILLS – HSpgs38, Arlee 48. ACES – HSpgs 10, Arlee 6. ASSISTS – HSpgs 34, Arlee 40. BLOCKS – HSpgs 9, Arlee 15. DIGS – HSpgs 90, Arlee 139. (Th11Oct18)

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