Polson, Ronan wrestlers mine matches at Mining City

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Area grapplers had a full slate this past week. Polson engaged in a pair of duals at Frenchtown last Tuesday before heading over to Butte for the Mining City Duals last weekend along with county rival Ronan. Both Chief and Pirate wrestlers sharpened their skills against some top-notch talent, many of them at the Class AA level.

Ronan head coach Dylan Kramer pointed out that, “Justin Mays and Zane Walchuk ... competed at a high level. Justin wrestled very physically and aggressive, which was really fun to watch, and was able to (go) 5-0 on the weekend.”

Along with taking on several AA teams, Polson also found itself in a dual with the perennial powerhouse Havre Blue Ponies. Trailing by three matches early into the bout, the Pirates reeled off seven wins of the remaining 10 to edge Havre in the final match. Trailing by two points in the finale at 126 pounds, Pirate Masyn Cowell was able to pin Havre’s Dominick Perkins at the 1:48 mark.

Polson head coach Matt Owen emphasized, “The Havre win was big for us and will give us a lot of motivation moving forward. It also will help our team realize we are going to be one of the teams to beat this year in the Class A.”

“Obviously in that point in the dual, it was huge.” “We’re super excited about this crew,” Owen said. “We’ve got a nice balance with some veterans and some youth that are starting to step into the role of a high school wrestler and get into some big wins for us.”

Tri-State is slated for this weekend, followed by duals at Columbia Falls on Tuesday, Dec. 18.

2018 Mining City Duals

Jim Street Classic

Butte High

Friday & Saturday, Dec. 7-8


Great Falls High 39, Billings

Senior 21

Third Place

Bozeman 45, Kalispell Flathead 28


Billings Senior 36, Bozeman 34

Great Falls High 51, Kalispell

Flathead 9

Dillon 36, Ronan 30

126 Luke Huffaker (Dil) 0:41 p. Julian Strait; 132 Zane Walchuk (Ron) 2:51 p. Teron Morrison; 152 Eric Dolence (Ron) 1:25 p. Tristan Lowell; 160 Cooper Hoffman (Dil) 2:59 p. Daniel Collins-Bishop; 170 Ash Norris (Dil) 3:49 p. Rodolfo Minetti; 182 Jamison Webster (Ron) won by forfeit. 205 Justin Mays (Ron) 2:18 p. Preston Hales, 2:18. 285 Ethan Christopher (Ron) 2:11 p. Anthony Weary. 103, 113, 120, 145 Dillon won by forfeit. 138 double forfeit.

Great Falls High 67, Ronan 6

126 Mason Huber (GFH) 0:32 p. Julian Strait; 132 Braeden Lomas (GFH) 8-3 d. Zane Walchuk; 152 Caden Hilliard (GFH) 1:50 p. Eric Dolence; 160 Liam Swanson (GFH) 2:30 p. Daniel Collins-Bishop; 170 Tyson Krahe (GFH) 10-2 md. Rodolfo Minetti, 10-2; 182 Rylen Fisher (GFH) 2:55 p. Jamison Webster; 205 Justin Mays (Ron) 1:11 p. Noah Cannon; 285 Ethan DeRoche (GFH) 2:10 p. Ethan Christopher. 103, 113, 120, 138, 145 Great Falls won by forfeit.

Helena Capital 53, Ronan 18

126 Traeton Duty (HCap) 1:52 p. Julian Strait; 132 Zane Walchuk (Ron) 1:20 p. Tyler Tobel; 152 Eric Dolence (Ron) 1:14 p. Ian Isaacson; 160 Trysten Gilliam (HCap) tf. 15-0 Daniel Collins-Bishop; 170 Noah Kovick (HCap) 5:56 p. Rodolfo Minetti; 182 Jake Slagel (HCap) 3:42 p. Jamison Webster; 205 Justin Mays (Ron) won by injury default, Zane McCormick. 285 Seth Jensen (HCap) 1:17 p. Ethan Christopher. 103, 113, 120, 138 Helena Capital won by forfeit. 145 double forfeit.

Colstrip 42, Ronan 9

126 Zach Valdez, Colstrip, pinned Julian Strait, :57; 132 Zane Walchuk, Ronan, pinned Kayden Howe, 1:34; 152 Rylin Burns, Colstrip, pinned Eric Dolence, :52; 160 Ty Bradley, Colstrip, pinned Daniel Bishop, :48; 170 Cody Blaede, Colstrip, pinned Rodolfo Minetti, 1:56; 182 Nakoda Siegel, Colstrip, pinned Jamison Webster, 1:30; 205 Justin Mays (Ron) 4-1 dec. Beau Peterson; 285 Terry Spotted Wolf, Colstrip, pinned Ethan Christopher, 3:46. 103 Colstrip won by forfeit. 113, 120, 138, 145 double forfeit.

Missoula Hellgate 36, Ronan 30

103,113,120 Hellgate won by forfeit. 126,182 Ronan won b forfeit. 132,145 double forfeit. 138 Zane Walchuk (Ron) 0:59 p. Nick Ramsey; 152 Bridger Hall (Hgt) 1:49 p. Eric Dolence; 160 Daniel Collins-Bishop (Ron) 10-2 md. Ethan Eppard 10-2; 170 Jase Lewis (Hgt) 0:26 p. Rodolfo Minetti; 205 Justin Mays (Ron) 0:33 p. Layne Cooney; 285 Dakota Friesen (Hgt) 0:35 p. Ethan Christopher.

Championship Pool

Frenchtown 39, Polson 36 (rnd10)


126 Maysn Cowell (P) 1:57 p. Nic Blanchard; 145 Caleb Pierre (P) 1:00 p. John Warner; 152 Bridger Wenzel (P) 0:54 p. Smokey Stoker; 160 Garrett Croft (P) 2:08 p. Jake Houlihan; 170 Hunter Fritsch (P) 1:57 p. Canyon Shope; 138 Dugan Davis (P) won by forfeit; 113 Eli Warner (F) 6-4 d. Rene Pierre;

Polson’s 103 Gavin Knutson, 120 Kedrick Baker, 132 Jarod Farrier, 182 Logan Adler, 205 Justice Moore, 285 Jasper Drake all fell to Frenchtown.

Bozeman 48, Polson 30 (rnd9)


170 Hunter Fritsch (P) 1:08 p. Everest Klein (Boz); 182 Logan Adler (P) 1:51 p. Bradden Rowles-Ortiz (Boz); 103 Gavin Knutson (P) 0:20 p. Reece Harris (Boz);113 Rene Pierre (P) 3:09 p. Felix Petersen (Boz) (Fall 3:09); 152 Bridger Wenzel (P) 0:43 p. Ben Bishop.

Polson’s 160 Garrett Croft, 205 Justice Moore, 285 Jasper Drake, 120 Kedrick Baker, 126 Maysn Cowell, 132 Jarod Farrier, 138 Dugan Davis, 145 Caleb Pierre fell to Bozeman.

Championship Pool Consolation

Billings Skyview 48, Polson 30


285 Jasper Drake (P) 0:37 p. Connor Reitler (BlgsSV); 113 Rene Pierre (P) 1:35 p. Cameron Wannar (BlgsSV); 145 Caleb Pierre (P) 1:50 p. Jace Padden (BlgsSV); 152 Bridger Wenzel (Polson) 1:55 p. Austin Ketchem (BlgsSV); 170 Hunter Fritsch (P) 4:29 p. Trent Helemn (BlgsSV).

Polson’s 205 Justice Moore, 103 Gavin Knutson, 120 Kedrick Baker, 126 Maysn Cowell, 132 Jarod Farrier, 138 Dugan Davis, 160 Garrett Croft, 182 Logan Adler fell to Billings Skyview wrestlers.

Polson 39, Havre 39

132 Marc Ramirez (H) 1:26 p. Jarod Farrier (P); 138 Lane Paulson (H) 1:07 Dugan Davis (P); 145 Martin Wilkie (H) 0:36 p. Caleb Pierre (Polson); 152 Bridger Wenzel (P) 6-3 d. Connor Harris (H); 160 Garrett Croft (P) 0:39 Orion Thivierge (H); 170 Hunter Fritsch (P) 1:03 p. Taylor Gopher (H); 182 Logan Adler (P) 1:06 p. Brayden Stadell (H); 205 Austin Ratliff (H) 1:02 p. Justice Moore (P); 285 Jasper Drake (P) 0:41 p. Josh Johnson (H); 103 Riley Pleninger (H) 0:46 p. Gavin Knutson (P); 113 Rene Pierre (P) won by forfeit; 120 Cameron Pleninger (H) tf. 4:39 (15-0) Kedrick Baker (P); 126 Maysn Cowell (P) 1:49 p. Dominick Perkins (H).

Billings Senior 51, Polson 24


152 Bridger Wenzel (P)1:50 p. Luke Brewer (Blgs Sr); 160 Thomas Klepps (Blgs Sr) 3:50 p. Garrett Croft (P); 170 Peyton Morton (Blgs Sr) 10-5 d. Hunter Fritsch (P); 182 Logan Adler (P) 1:32 p. Isaiah Murch (Blgs Sr); 285 Jasper Drake (P) won by forfeit;

103 Jalen Vladic (Blgs Sr) 2:42 p. Gavin Knutson (P); 113 Alejandro Madrid (Blgs Sr) 3:04 p. Rene Pierre (P); 120 Kedrick Baker (P) 3:02 p. Jalen Rambin (Blgs Sr); 126 Matthew DeWitt (Blgs Sr) 3:33 p. Maysn Cowell (P).

Polson’s 205 Justice Moore, 145 Caleb Pierre, 132 Jarod Farrier, 138 Dugan Davis fell to Billings Senior wrestlers in the first period.

Polson 54, Helena 24

103 Gavin Knutson (P) 1:09 p. JC Mandy (HH); 113 Rene Pierre (P) 0:53 Cadence Dixsom (HH); 126 Isaac Romero (HH) 1:09 Maysn Cowell (P); 132 Jarod Farrier (P) 1:01 Cameron Wyant (HH);

138 Dugan Davis (P) 1:27 p. David Kemp (HH); 152 Bridger Wenzel (P) 1:11 p. Colby Howell (HH); 160 Devin Crawford (HH) 1:32 p. Garrett Croft (P); 170 Hunter Fritsch (P) 1:51 p. Kaleb McKay (HH); 182 Jacob Manibuson (HH) 2:47 p. Logan Adler (P); 205 Justice Moore (P) 0:42 p. Rugar Young (HH); 285 Micheal Gulden (HH) 5:23 p. Jasper Drake (P); 120, 145 Polson won by forfeit.

unabridged results can be viewed online at < trackwrestling.com >. Some supplementation derived from < buttesports.com > postings.

Frenchtown Duals

Frenchtown 40, Polson 30


160 Garrett Croft (P) 13-6 d. Jake Houlihan (F); 170 Hunter Fritsch (P) 1:14 p. Canyon Shope (F); 113 Rene Pierre (P) 5-2 d. Eli Warner (F); 138 Dugan Davis (P) won by forfeit; 145 Caleb Pierre (P) 1:08 p. Smokey Stoker (F); 152 Bridger Wenzel (P) 1:12 p. Adam Vang (F); 126 Nicholai Blanchard (F) 12-4 md. Tyren Stidham (P). Polson’s 182 Logan Adler, 205 Justice Moore, 285 Jasper Drake, 103 Gavin Knutson, 120 Maysn Cowell, 132 Jarod Farrier all fell to Frenchtown grapplers. (Tu04Dec18)

Polson 66, Hamilton 9


152 Bridger Wenzel (P) 1:55 p. Bridger Williams (H/D); 205 Justice Moore (P) 3:16 p. Cadagen Wheat (H/D); 285 Jasper Drake (P) 1:16 p. Reece Buchanen (H/D); 103 Gavin Knutson (P) 1:09 p. Logan Bratch (H/D); 113 Rene Pierre (P) 0:34 p. Hannah Hurst (H/D); 120 Maysn Cowell (P) 0:25 p. Deegan Martin (H/D); 126 Tyren Stidham (P) 1:35 p. Tristen Wiedow (H/D); 132 Jarod Farrier (P) 0:13 p. Ethan Cramer (H/D); 145 Caleb Pierre (P) 5:35 p. Cole Anson (H/D). 170, 182, Polson won by forfeit. 160 Noah Hurst (H/D) 14-7 d. Garrett Croft (P); 138 Dugan Davis (P) fell to Hamilton/Darby. (Tu04Dec18)

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