Lady Dawgs have their day, sink Scarlets, 68-65

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Arlee’s Alysia Vanderburg (24 in red) dropped in 29 points on Tuesday, Jan. 8 against Mission, but the Lady Bulldogs squeaked out a 68-65 victory. (Bob Gunderson/Lake County Leader)

At St. Ignatius in a cross-classification county clash classic, the host Lady Bulldogs and visiting Scarlets would hang in the balance until no more ticks remained on the clock.

The Lady Bulldogs were able to gain some separation midway through the second quarter when the Scarlets hit a scoring lull that would extend the lead by 10 at intermission.

One would be inclined to speculate that Arlee coach Melissa Tiensvold halftime pep talk bore some if not all of the following elements: (a) this isn’t the same team that we beat the last two seasons, (b) the way we are playing isn’t getting the job done, (c) this is how we are going to take control of our own destiny.

Once the game resumed, it was apparent that Arlee was going to condense space with a full-court press and pressure defense. The strategy began paying dividends from as the margin continued to shrink. After being fouled, Alyssia Vanderburg would give Arlee a 41-40 lead with two free throws.

Mission would bend, but would not break. After surrendering a handful of turnovers that resulted in Arlee transition baskets, the Lady Bulldogs adjusted to compensate for the pressure and started to pick up where they left off.

Down to the wire the contest would play out, passes somehow maneuvering their way through outstretched arms and prying fingers to the intended player would then acquire their target despite multiple obstacles. A Noelle West deuce would net Arlee 59 for the lead. Addison Arlint would score down under for two to swing the score in favor of Mission (60-59). Vanderburg would convert the first of two free throws to tie again at 60 apiece with two minutes and change remaining. A Louetta Conko-Camel deuce, 62-60 Arlee. Arlint would counter in traffic to tie at 62 apiece. Karolyna Buck would be fouled, making both free throws, 64-62 Mission. A Vanderburg deuce ties it once again at 64 apiece. West makes the second of two free throws, 65-64 Arlee. The Scarlets apply pressure to squelch a Mission counter and try for a steal. The Lady Bulldogs somehow squeeze through, a crisp pass finding its way to Arlint in traffic for a deuce to give Mission a one-point advantage (66-65).

After more scrappy defense and scrambling, Mission emerges with the ball, who route it to Afton Brander for two, 68-65 Lady Bulldogs. Arlee emerges from Mission defensive pressure, getting the ball to Nellie Desjarlais, who launches a desperation buzzer beater attempt for the tie that will force overtime. But the ball would come up just inches short of the rim.

Both Arlint and Buck turned in double-doubles for Mission, while Scarlet Vanderburg led all scorers that included a double-double with a baker’s dozen boards. Conko-Camel along with West for Arlee and Madysn Currie as well as Afton Brander for Mission also notched double digits.

AT CHARLO, the undefeated Lady Vikings faced the toughest test on their schedule thus far against the unblemished district record of visiting Arlee for top tier among the 14C standings.

Charlo jumped ahead early during the first frame. But Arlee continued to chip away until they took over the lead just before the start of the second quarter, an advantage they would not surrender thereafter.

The Lady Vikings were plagued by a combination of detrimental factors. First, they hit an untimely scoring trough during the second period that coincided with a momentum upswing by Arlee.

Secondly, the optimal effectiveness of their stringent defense was compromised by foul trouble incurred by several key players. With key Charlo players relegated to the bench for blocks of time, the Scarlets were able to widen the margin further to their benefit. Finally, major contributor Bella Hawk would go down with an injury midway through the final frame.

Kaitlin Cox would sink a pair of late triples to trim the margin some, but by then the Scarlets were firmly in control.

Vanderburg led all scorers with a double-double that included mid-teen rebounding, while Conko-Camel chipped in double digits for the Scarlets.

The Scarlets were wearing their new turqoise uniforms — complements of Nike’s Native American N7 division. Hawk led Lady Viking scoring with 10, while Destiny Manuel had 11 rebounds.

At Hot Springs, the Lady Vikings restarted a new win streak with a 51-22 victory.

Charlo hosts St. Regis on Thursday, Jan. 17, then Plains on Friday, Jan. 18.

Mission 68, Arlee 65

6B Mission (5-2), 14C Arlee (6-3)

Lady Bulldog Sydney Brander crested the double century (200) point plateau for varsity career scoring. Scarlets Louetta Conko-Camel crested the century (100) point plateau while Alyssia Vanderburg reached the summit of the double century (200) point plateau for season scoring. Sydni Rogers surpassed the varsity career century mark, while Vanderburg surpassed the varsity career 1500 point threshold.

Arlee 16 11 24 14 – 65

Mission 17 20 13 18 – 68

MISSION ST. IGNATIUS – Addison Arlint 7 2-4 16(12r,3a,4s), Madyson Currie 7 0-4 15(3r,5a,6s,2b), Afton Brander 6 0-6 12(7r,1a,2s), Karolyna Buck 4 4-7 12(11r,3a,6s,2b), Sydney Brander 2 1-2 5(7r,2a,3s), Courtney Mitchell 2 0-0 4(2r,1a,1s), Azia Umphrey 0 4-8 4(3r,2a,5s), noID (3a).

ARLEE – *Alyssia Vanderburg 11 4-6 27(13r,2a,5s,1b), Louetta Conko-Camel 3 6-10 12(5a,2s), Noelle West 5 1-2 11(5r,3a,6s), Nellie Desjarlais 3 0-0 7(9r,1a,3s), Emily Fiddler 2 0-1 6(3r,3a,1s), Sydni Rogers 2, Tomi Brazill (1r,1a,1s), Halle Adams (2r), noID (2s).

3FGs – A4 (Fiddler 2, Desjarlais, Vanderburg), MSI1 (Currie). (Tu08Jan19)

Asterisk (*) denotes stat variant(s) where sideline specs & informal JH tally differ from reported media coverage: Vanderburg 29p.

Stat spec supplement derived from informal JH tally. Some details may vary from official summary. A small percentage of stat specs (noID) were unable to be attributed due to pace of game.

Hudl: K.Buck (8r,6a,6s,2b), M.Currie (3r,5a,6s,2b), A.Umphrey (6r,2a,4s), S.Brander (5r,3a,3s)

(Tu10Jan17) Arlee 67, Mission 32 (Mitchell, A.Brander & Buck combined for 8pts); (Tu09Jan18) Arlee 58, Mission 48

Arlee 53, Charlo 41

Sophomore Carlee Fryberger crested the century (100) plateau for varsity career rebounding.

Charlo (4-1, 8-1), Arlee (6-0, 7-3)

Arlee 11 12 13 17 – 53

Charlo 10 6 10 15 – 41

ARLEE – *Alyssia Vanderburg 10 8-12 28(15r,2s,6b), Louetta Conko-Camel 3 4-8 11(5r,2a,2s), Nellie Desjarlais 2 2-6 6(7r,1a,3s), Noelle West 2 0-0 4(1r,3a,3s), Emily Fiddler 3(3r,1a), Sydni Rogers 1(2r,1a), Tomi Brazill 0(1r), Cheyenne Pablo 0(1s,2b) Halle Adams 0, Hailey Shepherd 0, Shelby Smith 0, noID(2a).

CHARLO – Bella Hawk 5 0-2 10(5r,1a,3s,1b), Kaitlin Cox 3 0-0 9(5r,3a,1s,2b), Carlee Fryberger 2 3-4 7(7r,1a,2s), Teaira Truman 2 2-3 6(5r,1s), Allie Delaney 2 0-0 4(4r,4s), Destiny Manuel 2 0-0 4(11r,2s), Kira McPhail 0 1-3 1(3r), Liev Smith 0 0-2 0(2r,3a).

3FGs – A2 (Fiddler, Conko-Camel), C3 (Cox 3). Fouled out – Truman. (Fr11Jan19)

Asterisk (*) denotes stat variant(s) where informal JH tally differs from media coverage: Vanderburg 29p (indiv scoring = A54p)

Charlo 51, Hot Springs 22

Charlo (5-1, 9-1), Hot Springs (3-3, 6-4)

Charlo 19 14 12 6 – 51

Hot Springs 6 2 5 9 – 22

CHARLO – Kaitlin Cox 14, Teaira Truman 11, Liev Smith 9, Destiny Manuel 6, Aryal Love 4, Allie Delaney 3, Carlee Fryberger 2, Hailey Weible 2.

HOT SPRINGS – Katelyn Christensen 9, Sydney Jackson 4, Brianna Gray 3, McKennzie Cannon 3, Lizzy Fisher 2, Sage Jackson 1. (Sa12Jan19)

Ronan 49, Mission 37

Lady Bulldogs Addison Arlint crested the century (100) point plateau for season scoring, while Sydney Brander crossed the double century (200) threshold for varsity career scoring. Maiden Tiana Ulutoa likewise crossed the double century (200) threshold for varsity career scoring.

6B Mission (5-3), NWA Ronan (4-5)

Ronan 18 10 8 13 – 49

Mission 7 15 11 4 – 37

RONAN – *Tiana Ulutoa 8 6-14 23(4r,2a,5s), *Jaylea Lunceford 4 4-8 12(9r,2a,4s), *Kieauna DeRoche 1 0-0 3(3r,3a,3s), *Jaeleigh Gatch 2 0-4 4(5r,1a,3s), Lexi Wirz 1 2-4 4(2s), Aislyn Baker 2(3r), Madison Clairmont 1(2r,1a).

MISSION ST. IGNATIUS – Sydney Brander 2 4-6 8(6r,1a,5s), Karolyna Buck 2 4-7 8(2r,1a,3s,2b), Madyson Currie 3 1-1 7(2r,1a,4s), Addison Arlint 2 3-6 7, Afton Brander 2 0-0 4, Azia Umphrey 1 1-6 3, tmMSI(35r,3a,15s,2b).

3FGs – R 2-16 (Ulutoa 1-2, DeRoche 1-6), MSI 0 (). (Sa12Jan19)

Asterisk (*) denotes stat variant(s) where venue reporting to media differs from visitor sideline specs: Ulutoa 20p, Lunceford 10p, DeRoche 6p, Gatch 6p. Maiden variants featured in box due to probability of higher familiarity with own players than host venue. But probability and actuality don’t always coincide, so both variants featured. Maiden expanded specs not comprehensive due to missing film segment of 4th qtr during which 9pts are unaccounted for. Absence of footage will affect other category contributions.

Plains 55, Two Eagle 7

14C Plains (4-2, 7-3), 14C Two Eagle (0-6, 0-10)

Individual scoring not available

— Scott Shindledecker contributed to this article.

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