Sixteen Mission Valley softballers accentuated with athletic accolades

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With the culmination of the state tournaments, MHSA sanctioned spring softball comes to a close. At this juncture, each conference among the different classifications release a list of players who have been identified as exemplifying some of the best qualities exhibited in their athletic discipline over the course of the season. For the Mission Valley, Northwest A players from both Ronan and Polson are honored, along with Western BC softballers from the cooperative venture of Mission-Arlee-Charlo.


State A runner-up and NWA conference crown winner Polson placed nine players among the postseason softball accolade list.

A trio of Lady Pirates conferred with all-state status along with first-team acknowledgement include Josie Caye, Paige Noyes and Lauren Vergeront.

Sophomore shortstop Caye led the team at the plate with over fifty hits (24xbh) while wielding a sponge for a glove on defense that absorbed most of what opposing batters attempted to spill past her. This was the second athletic accolade for Caye, being an concilliatory honorable mention last season despite posting all-state numbers.

Senior first base infielder Noyes was the second leading batter among the squad with just under four dozen hits, almost a third of which went for extra bases (17xbh). Her glovework on defense was an integral segment in the turning of multiple double plays. This was the second postseason recognition for Noyes, a second-team pick last season.

Senior hurler Vergeront (2019:18-5) averaged around a strikeout per inning from the mound, while also helping out her cause with some solid hitting at the plate.

Receiving first-team acknowledgement is senior catcher Kaylanna DesJarlais, who tied for second most extra base hits among the squad (17xbh) that included mashing a half dozen taters, the lion’s share coming during the second half of the season. This was the second all-conference nod for DesJarlais, an all-state accolade recipient last season.

Receiving second-team acknowledgement were freshman hurler Katelyne Druyvestein (2-1,11sv) and senior right fielder Lisa Costilla. Costilla almost batted north of .500 during the course of the regular schedule while reeling in numerous UFOs (unauthorized flying objects) invading her air space. The quality level of play exhibited by Costilla has grown exponentially over the course of her prep career. Druyvestein was employed mainly in the capacity of a relief pitcher, but turned in healthy numbers both from the circle as well as at the plate.

A trio of honorable mentions went to infielders SaVanna Carpentier, Kobbey Smith and utility player Kallie Finkbeiner. Sophomore second base Carpentier smacked seven extra base hits during the season that included a timely grand slam against Frenchtown prior to the midseason Frenchtown Invitational. Sophomore third base Smith hit .500 during the second half of the regular schedule with a half dozen hits for extra bases on the season. Freshman centerfielder/catcher Finkbeiner hit north of .500 during the middle segment of the regular schedule that included her half dozen hits for extra bases.

RONAN MAIDENS (4-4, 9-15)

The Northwest A third-seed Ronan Maidens placed a quartet of players who were acknowledged for their athletic apptitude.

A pair of Maidens who made the all-state, first-team all-conference list were infielder Emilie Corley along with pitcher Macao Jackson.

Senior third base Corley was not only the leading batter for the Maidens from the cleanup spot with over thirty hits, but she as also among the leading performers at the plate statewide for the Class A level. She hit north of .500 while generating at least a baker’s dozen extra base hits over the course of the season that included a quartet of home runs. When she wasn’t smacking the ball, she reached base either by drawing a walk or getting hit by a pitch multiple times among the high teens, the latter two dozen times over the course of the past pair of seasons. This was the second all-conference accolade for Corley, who was a second-team pick last season.

Sophomore hurler Jackson was the primary asset on the mound for the Maidens along with their second leading batter at the plate. She fanned seven dozen while picking up seven wins from the circle. At the plate, Jackson generated a dozen extra base hits that included a trio of home runs.

Conferred with a second-team nod was junior shortstop Madison Clairmont, whose cumulative hitting among the high teens included a pair of home runs. Shortstop Clairmont led the Maidens in free trips to the basepath with over twenty walks or hit by pitch.

Receiving honorable mention is junior infielder Regan Clairmont, who cranked a pair of home runs over the course of the season among her hitting among the high teens.1


Western BC Mission-Arlee-Charlo

Receiving all-state recognition is junior catcher/pitcher Azia Umphrey, the quintessential Rain-maker of the Lady Bulldog squad not only because R-a-i-n is part of the name with which she was christened, but also because her bat precipitated close to four dozen hits. Included among those were several of an extra base variety that numbered into the teens of which five set sail over the outfield fence. This was the second all-conference first team accolade for Umphrey.

Making the all-conference first-team is senior pitcher/outfielder Tomi Brazill, whose discriminant eye at the plate drew almost as many free passes to the basepath via walks as she manufactured hits from the plate with her bat. Brazill’s hits tallied among the twenties. This was the third all-conference accolade for Brazill, an all-state pick last season and making the second-team as a sophomore.

Receiving honorable mention is junior infielder Frankie Smith, the second leading hitter among the squad who generated both hits as well as RBIs deep into the twenties if not beyond. Some outstanding data could not be consulted before presstime.

2019 Lady Pirates (21-6)

Josie Caye (92ab:53H, (13)2B,(3)3B,8HR, 38RBI, .576avg)

Paige Noyes (97ab:49H, (14)2B,(2)3B, 38RBI, .505avg, 28R, 4BB,2SF)

Kaylanna DesJarlais (95ab:40H, (11)2B,6HR, 37RBI, .421avg, 8BB,2HB,2SH,1SF)

Lauren Vergeront (57ab:20H, (4)2B,HR, 16RBI, .351avg, 11BB,2HB,1SF; 112.33IP:102K)

Katelyne Druyvestein (38IP:40K; 18ab:7H, 8RBI; 40IP:44K)

Lisa Costilla (76ab:29H, (9)2B,3HR, 20RBI, .382avg, 5BB,2HB,1SH)

Kobbey Smith (82ab:39H, (8)2B,5HR, 27RBI, .476avg, 5BB,2HB,1SF)

Kallie Finkbeiner (65ab:25H, (5)2B,HR, 15RBI, .385avg, 13BB,5HB)

2019 Ronan Maidens (9-15)

Emilie Corley (62ab: >32H,(9)2B,4HR, 26RBI, .516avg)

Macao Jackson (65ab: >28H, (9)2B,3HR, 21RBI, 112IP:82K)

Madison Clairmont (66ab: >17H, (5)2B,2HR, 21RBI)

Regan Clairmont (66ab: >19H, (5)2B,(1)3B,2HR, 14RBI)

2019 Mission-Arlee-Charlo Lady Bulldogs (15-8)

Azia Umphrey (> 59ab:42H, (6)2B,(1)3B,5HR, 30RBI)

Tomi Brazill (> 50ab:18H, (1)2B,(1)3B,HR, 8RBI, (24)BB)

Frankie Smith (> 63ab:24H, (7)2B,2HR, 25RBI)

NOTE: Greater than (>) symbol utilized to denote either outstanding data or alternative assessment(s) that would move the figures northward. Some details may vary from official team summaries.

2018-19 Northwest A Softball


(if) Emilie Corley, Ronan (sr.);

(c) Sammee Bradeen, Libby (sr.);

(ss) Josie Caye, Polson (so.);

(1b) Paige Noyes, Polson (sr.);

(if) Trista Cowan, C-Falls (sr.);

(p) Macao Jackson, Ronan (so.);

(p) Lauren Vergeront, Polson (sr.);

(of) Kaylee Ashe, C-Falls (sr.).

All-Conference First-Team:

(if) Montana Bremner, Browning (jr.);

(c) Kaylanna DesJarlais, Polson (sr.).

All-Conference Second-Team:

(p) Katelyne Druyvestein, Polson (fr.);

(c) Candace StillSmoking, Browning (sr.);

(if) Emily Carvey, Libby (sr.);

(ss) Madison Clairmont, Ronan (jr.);

(if) Ryley Kehr, C-Falls (sr.);

(of) Lindsey Walker, Libby (sr.);

(rf) Lisa Costilla, Polson (sr.);

(ut) Taylor Holm, Libby (so.);

(ut) Alyssa Blankenship, C-Falls (so.).

All-Conference Honorable Mention:

(2b) SaVanna Carpentier, Polson (so.);

(if) Graceanne Sevesind, C-Falls (jr.);

(if) Regan Clairmont, Ronan (jr.);

(3b) Kobbey Smith, Polson (so.);

(ut) Kallie Finkbeiner, Polson (fr.).

Western BC all-conference


(c/p) Azia Umphrey, Mission (jr.);

All-conference first-team

(p/of) Tomi Brazill, Mission (sr.)

All-conference second-team

(if) Frankie Smith, Mission (sr.)

cumulative accrued athletic accolades

Kaylanna DesJarlais (SB a-t, a-s 2018, 2x a-c 1st-tm), Josie Caye (SB a-t, a-s, 2x a-c: 1st-tm 2019, hm 2018), Paige Noyes (SB a-s, 2x a-c: 1st-tm 2019, 2nd-tm 2018), Emilie Corley (SB a-s, 2x a-c: 1st-tm 2019, 2nd-tm 2018), Tomi Brazill (SB a-s 2018, 3x a-c: 1st-tm 2019-18, 2nd-tm 2017), Azia Umphrey (SB a-s, 2x a-c 1st-tm),

ACRONYM KEY:a-t (all-tournament), a-s (all-state), a-c (all-conference), tm (team), hm (honorable mention), softball position standarized abbreviations utilized.

Mission Valley softball seniors by the numbers:


Senior catcher Kaylanna DesJarlais wraps up her varsity prep career by cresting the century threshold for cumulative hits over the course of three years plus that include three dozen for extra bases and a career .400 average. Add to those figures three season of summer softball coupled with two years of junior varsity bolsters her numbers beyond 200 cumulative hits and over 50 cumulative extra base hits when spring, summer and junior varsity figures are compiled together.

Senior infielder Paige Noyes wraps up her varsity prep career with an impressive resume of numbers, surpassing the half century threshold for extra base hits. Noyes reached base by hit more than fifteen dozen times over the course of her spring, summer and junior varsity hitting careers.

Senior outfielder Lisa Costilla finished the regular schedule one hit shy of batting .500, almost double what she hit the season prior. Her improved proficiency at the plate was reflected in an escalation in extra base hits as well, likewise doubling from the season prior, only this time adding some power with three home runs.

Senior hurler Lauren Vergeront returned to the mound after a two year hiatus mending from an injury. Vergeront averaged around a strikeout per inning while anchoring the circle for the Lady Pirates her senior season.


Maiden senior infielder Emilie Corley surpassed the half century threshold during the course of just her second season of varsity action, but some of her more creative plate appearances are what set her apart from the pack. Corley would force opposing pitchers to throw strikes by crowding the plate, thereby shrinking the comfort zone of many a hurler on the mound. The efforts would result in either a decent pitch that a hitter could do something with or a free pass would be issued either by means of drawing a walk or getting hit. As a consequence, Corley accrued one of the higher on base percentages among Maidens of recent vintage


The Lady Bulldog senior tandem of Tomi Brazill and Frankie Smith collaborated on more than a century (100) worth of hits over the course of two seasons that included around three dozen for extra bases while generating more than six dozen RBIs.

Altogether, this graduating Mission Valley senior septet collaborated on over 600 hits over the course of their cumulative high school careers that included more than a century and a half (150) worth of 2B doubles, (15)3B triples, (35)HR home runs while generating over 650 RBIs when junior varsity figures are factored in. That kind of firepower will not be easily replaced.

**[fine sports font agate below here]**

Kaylanna DesJarlais cumulative career

all inclusive MHSA+USA+LPjv: 212H, (44)2B, (2)3B, 12HR, >100RBI

2019-16MHSA – (>3yr)244ab: 100H, (24)2B, (1)3B, 11HR, 72RBI, .410avg

2018-16USA – (3yr)161ab:56H, (11)2B, 35RBI,

2017-16LPjv – (2yr)94ab: 56H, (*9)2B, (*1)3B, 1HR, .596AVG

Paige Noyes cumulative career

all inclusive MHSA+USA+LPjv: 185H, (45)2B, (5)3B, 1HR, >100RBI

2019-16MHSAv – (>3yr)243ab: 99H, (27)2B, (5)3B, 73RBI, .407avg, 80R

2018-16USA – (3yr)164ab: 49H, (15)2B, 1HR, 36RBI

2017-16LPjv – (2yr)93ab: 37H, (*3)2B, .398AVG, *23R {PN}

Lisa Costilla cumulative career

all inclusive MHSA+USA+LPjv: 75H, (18)2B, (3)3B, 4HR, >42RBI

2019-18MHSA – (2yr)129ab: 43H, (14)2B, 3HR, 27RBI

2018USA – 43ab: 13H, (2)2B, 1HR, 6RBI, .302avg, 12R, 4SB, 4BB, 3SH

2017MHSA+USA – 9H, (1)2B, (3)3B, 9RBI, 13R, 3SB, 2SH {LC}

L.Cost Spr2017LPjv – (10gms) 23ab: 10H, (1)2B, [?]RBI, .435avg

Lauren Vergeront cumulative career

all inclusive 2019/2016MHSA+USA+LPjv: 35H, (5)2B, 1HR, 27RBI

2019MHSAv var(112.33IP:102K; W18-5L)

2016MHSA 11gms jv(45IP: 70K,9W),var(41IP: 40K,16W) (W2-2L,9sv)

Bitterroot Sparks figures unavailable

Emilie Corley cumulative career

all inclusive MHSA+USA+LPjv: [277ab] (>)121H, (>24)2B, (2)3B, 10HR, (>73)RBI,

2019-18MHSAv – 109ab: (>)50H, (12)2B, *(1)3B, 7HR, 47RBI, (>).460avg, 2SF, 3SH, 25HB, 16BB

2018-16ASA/USA – 109ab: 42H, (10)2B, 3HR, 20RBI,

2017-16LPjv – 59ab: 29H, (>2)2B, (1)3B, (>)6RBI,

Tomi Brazill cumulative career

Spr2019MHSA – (>)50ab: 18H 2B,3B,HR, (>)8RBI, (24)BB/HB (18 of 23gms)

Spr2018MHSA – 76ab: 29H, (3)2B, (1)3B, 5RBI, .382avg, 32R, 40-41SB, 1SH, 19BB,

Frankie Smith cumulative career

Spr2019MHSA – (>)63ab: (>)24H, (7)2B, 2HR, 25RBI (18 of 23gms)

Spr2018MHSA – 74ab: 41H, (10)2B, (3)3B, 4HR, 32RBI, .554avg, 44R, 25SB, 9BB, 5HB

some details may slightly vary among alternative summaries

2019 State A Softball All-Tournament Team

(MVP) Erin Elgas (p), Belgrade (22IP:40K)

Olivia Cook (if), Belgrade (*7-13, 2B, 3HR,7RBI, .538avg)

Madi Krieger (of), Belgrade (5-11, (2)2B, HR,6RBI, .455avg)

Lanie Morgan (if), Belgrade (3-11,(2)2B,RBI, SacB, 2R)

Lauren Vergeront (p), Polson (26.67IP:22K, 5-14, 2B, 2RBI, SF)

Kaylanna DesJarlais (c), Polson (8-20, 2HR, .400avg)

Josie Caye (ss), Polson (7-16, (2)2B,2HR, 4RBI, .428avg, 6BB)

Jorden Taggart (p), Hamilton (31.33IP:22K, 2-16, 2B,2RBI)

Sophia Doyle (if), Hamilton (*9-19, 3B, RBI, .474avg, 3SB)

Claire Bagnell (p), Frenchtown (24IP:18K, 2-11, 3RBI,2BB)

honorable mention: Belgrade (Kamie Gorrell, Ellie Milesnick), Polson (Lexy Orien, Kobbey Smith), Hamilton (Mikalyn Brickley).

mentioned in conversation: Olivia Zepeda, Haley Kampka

note: selectees chosen by media and coaches in attendance. This article is an expanded rendition of that released list.

Asterisk (*) denotes stat variant(s) where alternative assessments differ: Cook 8H(H vs ROE), Doyle 10H(H vs ROE)

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