Polson soccer teams sweep Bigfork

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Polson junior Kyla Heiser excelled in a redeployed role as defender, diffusing a handful of explosive incursions into the Polson goal box to preserve the Lady Pirate Homecoming win. (Photo courtesy of Jess Kittle)

At Homecoming, the Polson Lady Pirates got an early goal from Sophia Moderie, then had to stave off multiple challenges by the visiting Bigfork Valkyries to keep themselves in the hunt for a postseason playoff berth. Kyla Heiser turned in a strong defensive performance, diffusing a couple of explosive incursions into the Polson box with bursts of speed and some deft footwork.

Polson 1, Bigfork 0

Polson (2-2n, 3-5), Bigfork (1-2n, 2-5)

Bigfork 0 0 – 0

Polson 1 0 – 1

P – g Sophia Moderie (unassisted) 1’

Shots (on-GOAL) – B 24sh(15sog), P 23sh(12sog)

SAVES – B8sv (Neveah Carlin)3h, P12sv (Lilly Armstrong 6sv4h, Jaylynn Farmer 6sv3h1k)7h

CKs,Fs,Cs – B1ck, P0ck; B5f,P7f; none. (Tu24Sep19)

indiv sh(SOG) – BIGFORK 24(15)- Audrey Buenz 4(2): boxrun16’interceptP3(19’)(32’)wideL72’; Ashton McAnally 6(4): (35’)(49’)(53’)sideR54’(61’)ovr62’; Brette Guenzler 7(5): (1’)ovr38’(39’)wideL57’dk(dk58’)(dk61’P?Defl)(P12Defl70’); Keira Niemeyer 1: boxrun9’interceptP3’; Ashlyn Savik 4(3): (36’)(52’)(P20Defl54’)side78’; Emma Mildren 2(1): wideR22’(71’).

POLSON 23(12) - S.Moderie 9(5): (g)wideL10’(12’)wideL23’(46’)(50’)(Rpost59’blk)wideL59’,roller75’; Autumn Burland 6(2): wideL3’,ovrFB3pFG(B16Defl31’)(47’)wideL74’,wide78’; Tia Mercer 3(2): wideR14’(18’)(24’); Ali Hupka (2): (44’)(64’); P3=Kyla Heiser 1: wideL69’;Jazlyn Dalbey 1: ovr20’; P20=Lilly Armstrong (1):(67’)

GKs Carlin (ss|sssssshhh), Armstrong (ssssss|)hhhh; Farmer (|sssssshkhh)

Whitefish 7, Polson 2

At Whitefish, Pirate Sophia Moderie netted a brace (2g) that included a front end equalizer. But her efforts would be countered by a duet of Bulldog Sofie’s while the Lady Pirates would be ultimately Cook-ed by an Anna hat trick (3g).

Polson (0-2n, 1-5), Whitefish (3-3)

Polson 1 1 – 2

Whitefish 4 3 – 7

W – 2g Anna Cook (2a Grace Benkelman) 5’,25’

P – g Sophia Moderie 14’

W – g Josie Schneider (a Sophie Olson) 16’

W – g Sofie Saurey 38’

W – g Cook (a Ali Hirsch) 50’

P – g Moderie (pk) 53’

W – g Taylor Gentry 59’

W – g Olson (a Maya Lacey) 61’

SHOTS (on-goal) – P8(4), W28(15);

SAVES – Polson 16 (Megan Rost 7, Chloe Matt 1) Whitefish 5 (Sami Galbraith).

CKs & FOULS – P1ck, W2ck; P3f, W6f.

indiv sh(sog) – POLSON - Moderie 8(4): (g)wide46’,wide47’(pk)wide60’, ovr72’(75’)(78’).


Prep Boys Soccer

At Homecoming, visiting Bigfork netted a pair of bookend goals. But the host Pirates filled the shelves in the middle with a handful of tallies that included a hat trick from Kaden Nelson supplemented by solo goals from Trey Lichtenberg and Elijah Taylor.

Polson 5, Bigfork 2

Polson (2-2n, 3-5), Bigfork (1-2n, 2-5)

Bigfork 1 1 – 2

Polson 2 3 – 5

B – g Baltazar Alcaraz (a Benjamin Pilskains) 20’

P – g Kaden Nelson (unassisted) 26’

P – g K.Nelson (a Elijah Taylor) 34’

P – g K.Nelson (a Tray Lichtenberg) 43’

P – g T.Lichtenberg (a K.Nelson) 56’

P – g E.Taylor (a Jack Colton) 68’

B – g B.Pilskains (unassisted) 70’

Shots (on-GOAL) – B 14sh(10), P 22sh(7)

SAVES – B2sv(Caden Riedesel) 4h, P6sv (Gabe Mergenthaler)2h1k

CORNERS – B3, P7. FOULS – B2, P7 . CARDS – B1y (Chayton Troesh-Worrel), P1y (Zevan Walker).

indiv sh(SOG) – BIGFORK - Alcaraz 3(2): (5’)(g)ovr78’FB3ptFG; C.T-Worrel 6(3): wideR41’(dk42’)(post46’ric)(P12Defl47’)ovr61’pk,wideL65’; Noah Turner (1):(hdr67’); B.Pilskains (2):(g)(dk79’); noID (2): (58’)(P12Defl63’). POLSON - K.Nelson 12(4): (2’)wideL6’,wideL7’,wideR8’,wideL15’,wideL21’(g)wideR34’(g)wideL44’(g)wideR76’; Davis Smith 3(1): ovr15’hdr(B?Defl17’)wideR67’; E.Taylor 4(1): wideL22’,hdr24’,wide33’(g) ; T.Lichtenberg (1):(g); Zevan Walker 1: wideL50’ ;Tristan Snyder 1: wide10’hdr. (Tu24Sep19)

GKs Riedesel (ss|)hhhh|h, Gabe (ss|ssss)h|hk

Polson 6, Libby 1

Polson (1-2n, 2-5), Libby (0-2n, 0-6)

Libby 0 1 – 1

Polson 1 5 – 6

P – g Davis Smith (a Kaden Nelson) 18’

P – g Cade Lanier (45yd) 42’

L – g Moxly Roesler-Begalke (a Ivan Cano) 44’

P – g K.Nelson (a Jack Colton) 56’

P – g Austin Luper (a D.Smith) 65’

P– g K.Nelson (a Tray Lichtenberg) 67’

P – g A.Luper hdr (a T.Lichtenberg ck) 78’

SHOTS (on-goal) – L 6(4sog), P 41sh(26sog)

SAVES – L11sv(Owen Enyeart 2sv4h, Gabe Hollingsworth 9sv4h)8h, P2 (Tristan Clifford) h

CKs+FOULS – L0ck, P2ck; L5f, P2f. (Sa21Sep19)

indiv sh(SOG) – LIBBY - M.R-Begalke 3(2); Steven Valencia (2); noID 1.

POLSON - K.Nelson 13(7): (L23Defl10’)(L23Defl24’)wide27’,wide33’,ovr39’(GKblk46’xbar)wideL56’(g)(65’)(g)wideR72’(L23Defl73’)wideL74’ ; D.Smith 6(3): wide13’hdr(g)wideR21’(L[?]Defl47’)(54’)wideL61’; T.Lichtenberg 4(3): wideL16’(27’)(L6Defl74’)(79’); A.Luper 4(3): (45’)wideL54’(g)(g); Elijah Taylor 7(4):ovr32’(L23Defl41’)(48’)wideR53’(58’)driblr60’(GKkick62’) ; Keith Erickson (2): (29’)(L23Defl32’); Ca.Lanier (1):(g); J.Colton (1):(L23Defl27’); John Davis 1:wideR24’ ; noID (2):(post45’ricochet)(65’).

Clifford SVs (ss)

Whitefish 4, Polson 0

Polson (0-2n, 1-4), Whitefish (3-0n, 6-0)

Polson 0 0 – 0

Whitefish 3 1 – 4

W – g Sam Menicke (a Brandon Mendoza) 14’

W – g Chase Sabin (a Mendoza) 15’

W – g Marvin Kimera (a Casey Schneider) 24’

W – g Schneider (a Niath Edland) 72’

Shots (ON-GOAL) – Polson 4, Whitefish 12

SAVES – P8 (Gabe Mergenthaler), W4 (Colter Upton, Bradlee Anderson).

CKs&FOULS – P0ck, W6ck; P3f, W6f. CARDS – none. (Tu17Sep19)

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