Morigeau for Auditor

| July 30, 2020 8:59 AM

There is one honest law-abiding person running for Montana State Auditor: Shane Morigeau.

In Montana, the Office of Political Practices monitors campaign donations and expenditures with strict guidelines. All state-wide and legislative candidates are required to submit the relevant information by scheduled deadlines throughout their campaigns. Failure to comply results in campaign financing violations.

According to a recent article in the Missoulian, the GOP candidate racked up seven such violations during his primary campaign, including failure to report the cost of direct mail campaign promotions and money spent on television ads. Unfortunately, the penalty for these acts will only result in a possible fine, a slap on the hand for candidates with deep pockets.

The more important issue is the honesty and integrity of Mr. Downing. During the primary Mr. Downing accused one of his challengers of violating campaign laws saying, “The auditor should be focused on transparency and advocacy, not hiding campaign funds and violating Montana’s campaign practices.” Apparently, ethics that applied to his challenger do not apply to Mr. Downing.

I urge you to consider this information when you mark your ballot and vote for the person who will bring integrity and transparency to this office – Shane Morigeau.

—Diane Magone, Superior