An Open Challenge to Senator Steve Daines

| June 18, 2020 10:54 AM

As a resident of Montana and in particular, Lake County, I challenge you to come and visit with the residents and County Commissioners well prior to the upcoming election. We’ve noticed your Congressional voting over the past three Congressional sessions has significantly changed. According to the Freedom Index, that is your record of voting on constitutional issues dropped from the 114th Congress 67% to the 115th where you voted 65% to this session the 116th where you voted 50% in favor of our constitution. Why the change?

That brings me to your water compact bill which jeopardizes not only the future of our county and state but the counties and states around us. I believe you owe the residents and commissioners an explanation of your sudden changes in representing us, as well as answering our questions. We don’t need your lackeys we need you.

You could actually be a first. Senator Tester and Governor Bullock regularly visit our area during election time. But not to meet with the people. They only want to meet with local tribal leadership which represents about 20% of our population. Come and show us and all of Montana whether you stand for all Montanan’s or not.

— Ed Kugler, Big Arm