Olszewski ‘unequivocally’ opposes water compact

| May 15, 2020 3:41 PM

Montana families, businesses and state will have some difficult times ahead. It is clear that Dr. Al “Doc” Olszewski (R) is the man to lead us as Governor. A Christian, husband, father, Air Force veteran, physician, businessman and state Senator.

I personally know all three of the candidates. Dr. Al is the person I want to be in a foxhole with. Today we are in a constant war to defend our rights. Dr. Al is a patriotic conservative whose life was built on service and sacrifice. Dr. Al and his running mate, Senator Ken Bogner are the most qualified candidates. They have the experience and proven record of making tough decisions, building coalitions and upholding our US and Montana Constitutions.

Both Dr. Al and Bogner served our country in the military and our state legislature. We can rest assured, especially during a pandemic, they will protect our constitutional rights and the vulnerable at the same time. As an experienced disaster response surgeon, Dr. Al’s experience in times of crisis is invaluable.

Dr. Al has a 100% score with The Montana Family Foundation. He is the only Republican candidate that has not taken any special interest or corporate PAC money. He is the only candidate from both parties who unequivocally opposes Medicaid expansion and the CSKT water compact. Lifetime Score of 88% from the American Conservative Union and endorsed by Montanans For Limited Government.

Vote Al ”Doc” Olszewski and Ken Bognar. They have our backs.

—Peggy Miller, Laurel