Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Time Capsule: Monkey on his back

by Lake County Leader
| March 25, 2021 12:05 AM

This week in Lake County News archives.

Sheriff catches burglar

March 21, 1957 Flathead Courier

One very pointed piece of evidence was the downfall of one Thomas A. Francis, who was arrested in connection with the burglary of the Flathead Electric Service shop last Thursday. A letter and envelope that he dropped at the store, with his name on it, provided sheriff’s officers with the information needed to identify the suspect. He was caught by Lake County officers and detained at the county jail.

Ruhkala tops in junior barrels

March 24, 1994 Lake County Leader

Megan Ruhkala of St. Ignatius has been barrel racing since she was 5. All that time and training paid off recently when at the age of 11 she became the Western Montana Cowgirls Association’s 1993 junior barrels champion.

Megan accumulated more prize money in the 1993 season than any other junio contestant -- $793.66 to be exact. Her winnings earned her the champion title and a new saddle.

St. Ignatius honors 1956 champs

March 23, 2006 Lake County Leader

It was 50 years ago that the Bulldogs said “never say die” as they dominated the basketball season to end up at the state championship and return home with the 1956 championship trophy. The team was honored this month in a special ceremony at Mission High School during one of the last home games of the year. The former cheerleaders were honored and the trophy went on a tour around the gym for a floor-thumping round of applause.