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Letters to the Editor: Support during tragedy appreciated

| September 23, 2021 12:05 AM

Overwhelming support appreciated

Family and friends:

We want to thank you all for supporting us through this difficult time. Amanda will be sorely missed. Through phone calls, texts, mail and flowers, you all make life a little easier. We can’t express just how much you all have been supportive. Working our way through this horrible catastrophe has been very difficult. It’s not easy for any parent. There isn’t a daisy or a buttercup that we see that doesn’t remind us just how quickly it could be taken away. We are grateful to many, many people. The Alexanders, Wards, Cindy Lewis, Faith, Schlieps, Logan Health and any and all Colorado residents who gave us support and assistance.

— Amanda’s parents, Grace Battle and Eric Farley, Polson

Small town life at its finest

On Aug. 31 my brother, Jim Warford, was involved in an accident in the First Interstate Bank parking lot in Polson. Many people stepped up and helped out at the scene and then later at the hospital. For some it was their job and we are so thankful that we have such wonderful professionals looking out for us. For some it was what they did because they saw someone in need and stepped in to help.

Jim, his wife, Renata Scott, and his three sisters, Esther Sain, Mary Howard and myself, would like to thank everyone who helped in this terrifying situation. Some names we know, many we do not, but thank you to everyone who was there and helped. Donna from FIB, Pat from 93 Auto, Torey and Nathan White, Dave Overcast, and all the other people who took time from their busy day to help! THANK YOU!

To the professionals — the EMTs, Officer Cooper and the other law enforcement personnel, the firemen and the medical personnel in the ER and on the second floor at St. Joseph's — thank you all for jobs well done.

I am sure I have forgotten someone, or we are not aware of their contribution, but we are no less thankful for their help.

This is small town life at its finest.

Thank you all!

— Teri Warford, Polson