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Letters to the Editor: Danger at Riverside Park

| February 10, 2022 12:15 AM

Danger at Riverside Park

Around lunchtime on Saturday, Jan. 29, I decided to take seven kids (all under age 11) sledding at Riverside Park in Polson. What would be better on a nice winter day?

While I stood by a tree, someone from apartments in the 100 block of Fourth Avenue West shot me in the leg with a BB gun. I knew it was a BB and where it came from based on how I was standing. So, I looked up the hill, over the snow drifts made by the plows. Searching for an open window, a shadowy figure of a kid trying to hide, something. Then I got shot again in the neck just below my chin. Ouch! When I reached up and felt hot blood, I was shocked, outraged and furious.

I’ve just found out I have to have surgery to remove the BB since it is so deep in my neck. How could any reasonable person shoot an innocent woman … not only shoot her, but shoot at her through a crowd of kids (youngest being around 2 years old), aim for her face, and do it all deliberately? Had I not looked up the hill at the apartments I could be blind in one eye right now.

I reported the incident to the police, and they interviewed the reluctant tenants. Now what? I saw no sign posted warning local families that they or their loved ones could be shot for no reason. I’m here now to simply warn my fellow Polson residents of what happened.

— Brandy Wallace, Polson

You be the judge

Prior to adopting an anti-vax attitude in 1974, I personally “respected” the vaccine concept. What did I know as a child? Being routinely jabbed by the insistence of the public schools was commonplace acceptance. The current maniacal tyrannical bullying of getting jabbed with an irrational, experimental therapy (not vaccine) has led me to review vaccines in general, and in particular the history thereof. The history is certainly less than clear and begins to look ominously scary. If we have anything for which to thank the SarsCoV-2 indoctrination is that history might clear-headedly show that a lot of people have been fooled, for a very long time.

“Vaccine” just might be a misnomer. Will future generations come to know of vaccines as mythology? And you may ask yourself, why is the government mandating these drugs and offering myriads of incentives? The difference between the government’s actions and drug-running cartels is that at least the drug-running cartels don’t mandate their drugs. Many new platforms to hear truth from uncensored experts exist. Investigate for yourself. Visit sites such as Spotify with Joe Rogan or with Stew Peters and you be the judge. These platforms trust in your intelligence to discern a different point of view.

— David Passieri, St Ignatius

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