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Letters to the Editor: Wrong on Ukraine

| March 24, 2022 12:15 AM

Wrong on Ukraine

Once upon a time Republican and Democratic politicians endeavored to present a united front to other countries during times of conflict, regardless of political differences. But Sen. Steve Daines has joined the ranks of other Republicans, including Marjorie Taylor Green, Mathew Gaetz and Jim Jordan, in accusing President Biden of being “weak on Russia,” seeking to undermine him in this time of the worst instability the globe has witnessed in 80 years. Rather, the president is strategic, working with members of NATO and both EU and non-EU nations to mete out sanctions, isolate Russian banks and freeze Russian assets. The decline of the value of the ruble and Russian stock market indicates these measures are causing serious pain to Russian consumers and businesses. Career State Department diplomat Aaron David Miller said: “So far, Biden has done a masterful job of leading and maintaining both EU and NATO unity.”

Likewise, Rep. Matt Rosendale believes we have no moral/legal obligation to help Ukraine. Really? He’s on the wrong side of global sentiment. And yet, he was one of three House Republicans who voted against a non-binding House resolution supporting Ukraine and repudiating Putin’s deadly aggression and land grab.

Montana’s Republican Congressional representatives are undermining national and international efforts to keep an authoritarian thug at bay. Shame on them.

— Caryl and Tom Cox, Polson

Shameless hypocrisy

President Biden has nominated a candidate to fill the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy who is now participating in Senate confirmation hearings.

I submit that the nomination of another be considered. A person who:

  • Is an unmarried male, Middle Eastern born of humble beginnings, a teacher of sorts, speaks a strange language, has a swarthy complexion and maintains a kindly, unassuming disposition.
  • Rural blue collar, not academically credentialed, but incredibly wise and true.
  • Associates with low-caste undesirables, even prostitutes, and is a staunch public defender of his society’s underprivileged, neglected and scorned.
  • Is a criminal who was adjudged to have committed a capital crime punishable by a cruel death; managed to survive his public execution and still lives.
  • Distributes pardons to other capital crime offenders and invites them home to dinner.

This man is near universally exalted and adored.

To my point, I have no doubt that a number of toadie judges, scurrying to save their privileged jobs, will self-righteously proclaim him a fatally flawed, extreme far leftist radical despite undisputed qualifications of the highest order. Shameless hypocrisy.

— Thomas Alan Kragh, Polson

No debauchery in God’s country

I saw a sign close to Ronan with the statement: “God’s country.” But would “God’s country” advertise and participate in a festival of debauchery?

This past Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day, and the city of Ronan hosted a parade for all the community to attend. The parade was advertised as follows: “Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day; Help us celebrate the 33rd year of blarney and debauchery.”

What is debauchery? I would ask all to look up the full definition but here is a short section, “2. Seduction from virtue or duty.” A Christian is called to virtue or to be virtuous, (2 Peter 1:3). And that virtue is to be added to our faith, (2 Peter 1:5). Virtue in the Bible is defined, “manliness (valor), excellence, strength for lifting”. These are in fact two contradicting ideas that cannot exist together. A place cannot be "God's country" and have debauchery.

If Montana (or more specifically Ronan) is “God’s country” should we be promoting and participating in activities of debauchery? Would “God’s country” glory in activities that God Himself has clearly condemned (Proverbs 20:1; Proverbs 23:31)? Would “God’s country” expose their children to things that God calls sin but we could call, “fun and pleasurable?”

I would submit the answer “no, God’s country would not do such things.” If we want to be God’s country then we should do as was commanded to the church at Corinth, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

— Micah Robertson, Ronan

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