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Letters: Thanks for supporting Polson family

| May 12, 2022 12:15 AM

Thanks for supporting Polson family

The Lupers and the Polson Community Church want to thank everyone for their generosity and support for the family. The church dinner May 6 was successful, and we want to express our gratitude to everyone who helped, came to enjoy and sent donations. What a wonderful town Polson is.

— Mallory Witham, Polson

Please return painted rocks

I live on Finley Point and have a neighbor who paints beautiful rocks and puts them along the walking trails for all to enjoy. Sometime on Mother's Day between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., someone took 67 of the 70 painted rocks. If you are that person, please do the right thing and return them. If you know someone who suddenly has dozens of painted rocks, plead with them to put them back. When you see a painted rock on a walk anywhere, please look at it, smile, then leave it for others to enjoy. Thank you.

— Linda Hewitt, Polson

Vote for Isbell

I am Tony Isbell, and I am running for justice of the peace here in Lake County. After graduating from Florence, I continued into college at Dickinson State University, where I graduated with bachelor's degrees in business administration and human resource management. I also have two associate degrees. Fast forward some years, and I began my professional life with a career in law enforcement. I began as a police officer in Miles City. I investigated a wide variety of crimes there.

After some years, I decided I wanted to move back out to the western side of the state. This brought me to apply for the Montana Highway Patrol. My first station was in Polson, and this is where I remained to call my home. This experience in law enforcement taught me the difference between people who are pure evil and people who just made a bad decision and need to be steered in the right direction.

While still in law enforcement, I ran and became a member of the Polson City Commission. I currently hold the position as a commissioner for Ward 2. Through this position I have learned a lot about government functions, including budgeting, grants and administrative procedures, to name a few. In the last year I went full time in my private businesses. I believe this makes me the candidate with the widest variety of experience. I am tough on crime, fair and balanced. To learn more about my plans for this office, visit

— Tony Isbell, Polson

Cora Neumann for Congress

Many politicians say they want to work on behalf of all Montanans. But when the rubber meets the road, somehow those words never translate to action. That is what makes Cora Neumann different. She has worked tirelessly to get out and support not just Montana cities and businesses, but also our rural and Native American communities.

Cora embodies Montana values. She is genuine and compassionate, and she believes that actions speak louder than words. She has a history of working on important national issues like restoring Bears Ears National Monument — sacred public lands that were played as a political football, now finally restored and protected. She reached out to rural Montana areas during the pandemic, providing assistance in the form of PPE, COVID-19 tests and expertise to health workers about COVID-19 fatigue and burnout.

Cora will represent all Montanans with deeds, not words. She has been traveling the state, listening to our concerns and issues. She is results-oriented and asks for local, grassroots solutions. Montana voters have a chance to get their issues heard through Cora — something we have not had these past few years in a House Representative.

Cora has a vision for a better Montana and is determined to work across party lines to reach positive results. That is what makes her our best option for Congress, and that is why we are voting for Cora Neumann on June 7.

— D’Shane Barnett, former director, All Nations Health Center, Missoula, and Shelly Fyant, former Chairwoman, CSKT Tribal Council, Arlee

Let’s discuss abortion

Just because there is a law that tells us abortion is OK, there is God’s law that says it is morally wrong. It grieves our Lord when one of His babies is taken away. God has a destiny for that child. Why should there be any unwanted pregnancies? We have clinics everywhere giving out birth control pills, drug stores selling protection for men. Yes, men, these babies are yours as well. Is abortion being used as birth control?

Abortion clinics are a business. After they are done with you, they are done. They have nothing to do with you. Did they suggest maybe having the baby and giving it up to some family that wants a child? I bet not. Women have to live with their decision their whole lives. Where are the abortionists then?

We are responsible for ourselves. We have free will, so don’t compound the mistake by making another one by getting a quick fix abortion.

Politically, I am an independent. Democrats voted unanimously to allow doctors to lay aside a newborn to die when an abortion failed. I won’t be voting for any Democrats.

This letter is my own opinion, and thank the good Lord I live in America, where I still have that right. You have the right to make your own decisions. The one baby saved today is a generation saved. The law, or the moral law, which will it be?

— Gloria Mader Simon, Pablo

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