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Highway 93 updates

by Lake County Leader
| November 17, 2022 12:00 AM

Work begins on Ronan-North project

Riverside Contracting anticipates starting work on the U.S. Highway 93 Ronan-North project this week, weather permitting. According to a press release from the Montana Department of Transportation (MDOT), crews will be clearing surface and underground vegetative materials alongside the road, including grass, trees, roots and topsoil, in preparation for construction in early 2023. Earthwork operations on Baptiste Road may also begin if weather cooperates.

Travelers may expect to encounter speed reductions and shoulder closures, with occasional brief single-lane road closures.

MDOT advises drivers to adhere to “the three Ss of work zone safety: speed, space, and stress. Slow down when approaching work zones and follow posted speed limits. Leave adequate braking room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. Keep your cool, pay attention, and plan for delays.”

For additional information on the project, call 406-207-4484 weekdays or visit

Fencing project underway near Mission

The Montana Department of Transportation and Montana Fencing have begun work near St. Ignatius on roadside safety improvements to reduce wildlife collisions.

Over the next few months, crews will install wildlife fencing and jump-outs and approach treatments including metal wildlife grates and cattle or wildlife guards. According to MDOT, these projects are designed to reduce the likelihood of vehicle collisions with wildlife such as grizzly bears, white-tailed deer, black bears, and mule deer.

This project is located along Hwy. 93 about 2 miles south of town and heading north roughly five miles in the MDOT right of way. Most work is expected to be completed this winter, Call Missoula District public relations specialist Megan Redmond at 406-396-1978 with questions or comments about the project.

Don’t crowd the plow

With the sudden arrival of winter driving conditions, snowplows are again clearing roads across Lake County. According to MDOT, many plows are hit by private vehicles each winter, with the potential to cause harm to all parties involved.

The department offers the following tips:

• Don’t pass a plow when the TowPlow is deployed. The operator will periodically rotate the TowPlow back in line with the truck to allow vehicles to pass.

• Where one plow is working, others may be nearby. The snow cloud created by one plow may obscure the presence of plows in adjacent lanes.

• When approaching a snowplow from the rear, reduce speed immediately; and when approaching an oncoming plow, don’t crowd the centerline.

• Be patient – plow operators know where they can pull over to let vehicles pass. However, the road in front of the plow is likely not as clear as the road behind it.

Current construction information, width restrictions, and road conditions throughout Montana can be found at

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