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Azzopardi offers even-handed leadership

by David Salet, Arlee
| October 13, 2022 12:00 AM

There’s no two ways about it: what Republicans are doing in Helena is not only ineffective in addressing Montana’s problems, it’s making them worse or creating new ones. From making voting unnecessarily difficult to mishandling public health to politicizing the judiciary to threatening public lands to interfering with women’s autonomy, the Montana GOP have shown us what they intend to turn this state into.

This isn’t speculation – Republicans are telling us what they want to do: one calling the state constitution a “socialist rag,” another voicing his opinion that power outages should be directed toward predominantly-Democratic communities. This kind of thinking is the opposite of what this country was supposed to be.

So how do we avoid this unenlightened and un-American scenario? We vote for anyone who is open-minded and solutions-oriented and forward-thinking. For those of us who live in House District 93, that means voting for Shirley Azzopardi.

A teacher in Lake County for 30 years, Azzopardi has the qualifications, background, and character to serve the district and state in an even-handed and intelligent way. Shirley supports Indigenous and minority rights, strengthening public schools, ensuring Montanans voices are heard, and protecting the state's constitution from political meddling.

Writing as someone with education and experience in history, government, and politics, I can assure all that Shirley Azzopardi is exactly the type of person we need in public office.

David Salet


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