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Trust Azzopardi to use common sense

by Marti de Alva, Arlee
| October 13, 2022 12:00 AM

Our votes in the Nov. 8 election will shape the years ahead – for better or for worse. Who cares enough to work across divides? Who will do a better job of protecting our right to vote? Who understands the reality of climate change and can reason based on the truths before our very eyes?

For HD93, Shirley Azzopardi’s skills as a careful listener and cooperative problem solver made her indispensable as a special education teacher in Lake County schools for 30 years, and will serve us well. Her commitments to strengthening public schools, keeping Montana beautiful, clean and safe for future generations, respecting tribal sovereignty, and ensuring voter rights should resonate with all of us.

Joe Read (incumbent HD93) voted YES on a slate of Montana House bills that create hurdles for certain populations of Montanans to be able to vote. The Montana Supreme Court ruled against all three of these laws on Sept. 21. We strengthen our democracy when we work together to make sure that eligible voters are registered, and can vote.

In 2019, Joe Read sponsored a bill (HB418) which would have officially declared climate change to be caused by “nature, not human activity.” Apparently, humans are not considered to be part of nature – a position that has led us to the dilemma we find ourselves in! Thankfully, HB418 did not pass.

Trust Azzopardi to think clearly about the important issues using common sense, a commitment to truth, and courage to work for positive change.

Marti de Alva


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