Monday, October 02, 2023

We need warrior, not lawyer

by Larry and Dorothy Ashcraft
| October 20, 2022 12:00 AM

Are things better today than they were two years ago? Absolutely not.

Monica Tranel is a former Republican who worked on Conrad Burns’ staff in D.C.

Monica ran for the Montana Public Service Commission in 2004 and lost as a Republican.

Monica changed parties, ran for the PSC in 2020 and lost, again.

Monica was hired to get Richard Rigg’s (accused child rapist) guilty conviction overturned. She says it’s a lie but, if you’re interested, check out the website She fully and openly denies this in her ad.

Monica is against short-term rentals in the state of Montana, i.e., AirBnB, yet owns up to $50,000 in AirBnB stock.

Monica claims to support gun owners’ rights but supports red flag laws and would end immunity for gun manufacturers.

Monica defends 350Montana and if you go to the website to investigate what they do, Zinke supporters are referred to as “racist” (typical).

We are subjected to uncreative, disgusting ads (snakes) and we are concerned with her using her daughters as props.

If Ryan Zinke wins the House seat, he comes in with seniority which could put him on the Appropriations Committee. With that, he would do everything in his power to defund many of the outrageous drains of taxpayers’ money.

A common strategy used by Liberals is to accuse Conservatives of various infractions and see what sticks. The accused, then, spends an inordinate amount of time and money defending themselves, making the process the punishment. Zinke had a multitude of accusations thrown at him but was found guilty of none and resigned anyway. Reminds us of accusations against General Michael Flynn, Judge Clarence Thomas, Judge Brett Cavanaugh … guilty until proven innocent.

In short, Montana, “we need a warrior, not a lawyer.”

Larry and Dorothy Ashcraft


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